How do I trim a video?

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How do I trim a video?

When there is a multi-hour video available,and we only need a small fragment from the middle, we have to cut it. Any video you capture may contain moments that a person would like to remove. There is a special program that cuts off the video, called windows movie maker, which is located in the "start" menu. It is included by default in Windows XP, and also works on Windows Vista and 7.

How to crop a video with windows movie maker

To get started, go to the Start - Programs menu, and thereSelect windows movie maker. This program is free and allows you not only to clip the video, but also create home movies with editing, slideshows, adding headings to each slide, beautiful effects, video transitions, music and even voice-over text.

Today we will dwell in detail on howCrop the video in movie maker. So, by opening this program, you see the program window in front of you, where you should drag the video that you want to crop ...

  1. Open the folder with the video, clip iticon with the left mouse button and drag to the open program windows movie maker. Instead, you can click on the "file" menu in the most open program, select "open", and specify the path to the video file, open it that way.
  2. The desired video appeared in the form of an iconIn the middle of the program window - in collections. On the right, we can play it by clicking on "play". The bottom panel is needed to work with the video clip. On the left are various video effects, video transitions, the possibility of creating titles and titles, and other options. If the bottom panel has the word "timeline display", change it to "show storyboard" by simply clicking on it.
  3. Now make two clicks on the clip icon,on the right will begin its display. At the moment when you need to crop the video, click on the button located under the video window. When you hover over it, the name of the button "dividing the clip into two parts by the current frame" appears. Instead, you can use the hot keys: ctrl + L.
  4. In the collections appeared 2 pieces of your clip. Each of them can be cut in the same way, isolating the right moments.
  5. Drag the resulting video clip from the collections down to the "video" line on the storyboard timeline.
  6. It remains only to save the video. Click on the "file" menu and click on "save movie file". By pressing "next", the trimmed video will be saved in "my videos". In the event that you have not completed the work to the end, it is possible to save your project in order to continue working in the future from this moment. In the "file" menu, choose "save project" or "save project as ..." to specify the path to save the project.

The resulting trimmed video in movie maker is saved in avi format. And the program works with any of the following formats: AVI, ASF, DVR-MS, MPEG, MPG, MP2, WMV, M1V, WM, MPV2.

How to crop video online for free

Find which program clips the video, rathereasily. And find an online video editor, and even in Russian is very difficult. Famous video hosting YouTube has launched a special online video editor so that users of YouTube can edit, crop the video before uploading it to the site. Follow this link ( and you can crop the video online. The catch is that the online editor requires a mandatory registration on the site before you can trim free video.

There are other ways to crop videosonline, but their interface will be in English, and also have to register to use the video editor. If this does not frighten you, then refer to the capabilities of the stylish video editor from Discovery, moviemasher, mix snd mash and others.

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