How do girls get pregnant?

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How do girls get pregnant?

Pregnancy occurs if the male seminal fluid with viable sperm gets into the female body and reaches a ripe egg cell. As you can see, there are several conditions for the occurrence of pregnancy, so you need to understand in detail how girls become pregnant, how the conception process takes place.

How does a woman become pregnant


Spermatozoa are male sex cells containing half the set of chromosomes (23 pcs.), Characteristic of the human body, equipped with special flagella for movement within the female body. Sperm cells are secreted by the male gonads and leave the man’s body during ejaculation (the release of seminal fluid from the glans penis).

The main purpose of sperm - to get to the egg and fertilize it. For this purpose, nature provides for a rather long "vitality" of these small cells - they are able to maintain vital activity in the uterus and genital tubes for up to 7 days in anticipation of the exit of the female cell from the follicle. If, during intercourse, the egg has matured, they will reach it in 1 to 2 hours.That is, roughly speaking, after 1 - 2 hours after intercourse, the girl can become pregnant.


Ovules mature in the female sex glands, called the ovaries. Only one (rarely two) eggs per month in a special ovarian sac, the follicle, matures per month. This usually happens by the middle of the menstrual cycle, that is, about 12-14-16 days after the onset of previous menstrual bleeding. After exiting the follicle, the egg cell enters the fallopian tube - the organ that connects the ovary with the uterus.

The egg cell also contains 23 chromosomes - half of the genetic set. The egg cell moves inside the body thanks to special villi lining the inner surface of the tubes. Here she will be waiting for sperm for 24 hours, if during this period the sperm does not penetrate the woman’s body and fertilization does not take place, the woman will not succeed in becoming pregnant, the egg cell will die, will be expelled from the body and leave it during the next menstruation.

How does conception happen

If, on the day of ovulation, viable sperm cells turn out to be in a woman’s body, the latter will tend to penetrate the egg cell membrane. Usually one sperm succeeds in this, after which the membrane is made impermeable to others.

The nuclei of the egg cell and the sperm cell are connected inside the egg cell, forming a common nucleus with 46 chromosomes typical of human cells, fertilization begins and the embryo begins to develop.

The fetus, pushed by the villi of the tubes, moves into the uterus and attaches to one of its walls, as if growing into it. This moment in medicine is considered the time when a woman becomes pregnant. Now, in the place of attachment of the embryo to the uterus, the umbilical cord will develop, and from the embryo cells - the baby.

How not to get pregnant

To prevent the occurrence of unwanted pregnancy using special methods and means, called contraceptive methods. Here are the main ones:

  • Barrier methods: these include condoms, vaginal rings, cervical caps, that is, mechanical barriers that prevent sperm from entering the woman's body. When used properly, it is a very reliable method;
  • Chemical means: special creams, candles, sprays and other forms of topical substances. Apply immediately before the start of intercourse. The method is unreliable, often used in combination with barrier methods;
  • Hormonal contraceptives: pills, patches, injections. They are a reliable means of protection, but they should be used only on the recommendation of a doctor;
  • IUD (intrauterine device) - a small structure, which is installed by a gynecologist;
  • Emergency contraception is a special group of drugs aimed at preventing pregnancy after sexual intercourse. Usually contain a loading dose of hormones and can seriously harm health.

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