How insulting to call?

Anastasia Shostak
Anastasia Shostak
March 18, 2013
How insulting to call?

How to humiliate a person with words, how to call offensive? Let's look at it from such an angle that if people are still looking for a way to humiliate someone, then there are reasons for it.

Ways to hurt how to call

  • Humor. You can arrange everything so that you will have a lot of fun, and the person to whom you want to say it and humiliate it is very sad. Say, for example, such phrases:
    • "Your intellect went for a walk and never returned!"
    • “It’s better to leave in English, otherwise I can send in another language!”
    • "Stop rustling at me, a bag full of holes!"
  • True. It is necessary to speak only the bitter truth that it will be difficult for a person to listen. But he will not mind, because you do not lie a word. It turns out that you can drive a true person into a moral dead end.
  • Exposing. You are among friends. Let them find out what gossip is being dismissed by a person whom everyone so respects in the company. The person will give everything for disappearing from this company as soon as possible. He will be very sad and ashamed.
  • Sick, weaknesses.Each person has something that is unpleasant for him to listen to, and even more so, to talk. The main weapon in terms of offending someone is such topics.
  • Direct listing of flaws. From humiliation a person will not know where to put himself. Speak without ceasing, especially if the disadvantages are bad for the close environment.
  • Name calling Make a list of offensive words that will accurately touch. Example: "ass", "goat", "moron", "idiot", "fool", "brute", "scum". The main thing is that all the words should be heard exclusively in the topic, then, when necessary.
  • Intimate insult. Tell me that he has a small dick, that he is impotent, or that she has small breasts. Well, and so on. Not very beautiful, but effective!

There are many ways to annoy. However, consider whether it is worth it? After all, the caller humiliates not only the caller, but also himself. If a conflict has arisen, it is more effective to try to resolve it peacefully, and not immediately throw insults at the abuser.

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