How interesting and safe to relax in Thailand?

Thailand is one of the most interesting and popularcountries for tourists and travelers. Beautiful and exotic, it has long been a favorite place for people from all over the world to relax. If you are going to Thailand for the first time and do not know how to plan your trip, we will offer you some useful recommendations on this topic.

Season Selection

ThailandDespite the fact that in Thailand the whole year is hotsummer, specific seasonal times differ in precipitation and a certain interval of temperatures. The hottest season is in March-May. During this period, there is little precipitation, high humidity and the temperature can reach 38 degrees. This is the most favorable time for those who want to leave in the hot summer.

From May to October there is a rainy season, andMost precipitation falls in August and September, rains are short, but abundant, the rest is warm and sunny. A good time for those who prefer a "home" vacation, mainly choosing relaxation, massage, beach vacation near the hotel, etc. At this time, the least tourists and prices are lower.

"Cool" season in Thailand is calculated since Novemberuntil February. At this time there is no heat, typical for March-May, but the daytime temperature can reach 30 degrees and above. This season can be characterized by almost complete absence of precipitation and reduced humidity. It is just the peak for visiting tourists. Cool season is optimal for those who do not tolerate excessive heat.

Registration of visa and insurance

In addition to the standard passport,take care of visa and insurance. If you are going to Thailand for just one month or less of this period, you do not need a visa. If you want to spend more time in this country, for example, to winter, then it's best to issue a tourist visa in Russia, which will allow you to stay on its territory within 90 days. The option is possible, in which you come to Thailand without a visa and a month later you go to a neighboring country to apply for a visa. A long stay on the territory is possible on a working, student and pension visa.

Do not forget that Thailand is an AsianA country where much is alien to a resident of Russia or Europe. Sometimes it is difficult to adapt to new conditions, because of the unprepared organism can catch an infection and so on. In case of emergency and unforeseen situations, insurance is provided. Study this question in more detail to know for certain what insurance to choose and how to arrange it.

Where to go?

ThailandTravel and life in Thailand can bediverse and very entertaining: here you can not only relax in a different way, but also settle down for life, work and business. Determine in advance what you are going to this country for, then study a few places and choose the most suitable one.

If you aspire to solitude, you likerelaxation, proximity to nature and the beach, Koh Phangan, Samui, Khao Lak, Ko Chang, Krabi will suit you. You can go to the popular and civilized Pattaya and Phuket, but get to the beach will have to transport, in comparison with previous places it is located far away. Much more these cities are suitable for development and work. Also for this purpose, we can advise Bangkok. If you are attracted to active recreation, travel, sightseeing, acquaintance with culture, it is best to visit the North of the country, which include Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai and Pai. Also suitable Bangkok.

How to settle in Thailand as cheaply as possible?

ThailandIf it is important for you to visit the country withthe maximum monetary benefit, it is worth choosing a season that is less popular with tourists. For example, during the period November-May tickets can be purchased at a sale for 10 thousand rubles. The closer the peak season, the more expensive: in summer the cost of tickets flies up. To find the cheapest options, to participate in sales and promotions of tickets, to plan convenient flights is convenient with the help of air aggregators.

Understand with local cuisine, lifeatmosphere, customs and traditions can be found in the blogs of travelers and new residents of this beautiful country who settle here for a long time. If you are preparing at least for a long trip to Thailand, you will be useful to read their records, as they reflect a lively look at life here. Do not forget that this view is subjective, so for comparison and completeness of information it is useful to get acquainted with different points of view.

The most important issue for the tourist and the futureA resident of the country is looking for suitable housing. In Thailand for a long time you can rent an apartment, hotel room or house. All options differ in certain terms and costs. For several days it is convenient to stay in an inexpensive hotel, for a long life the apartment or house will be more suitable - compare among themselves different options and choose the best depending on all the conditions offered. When choosing, you can use the hotel search engines, the Airbnb site or look for a hotel already on site. But in the latter case, you may have to spend a lot of time, especially if you are going to a tourist peak.

A trip to Thailand can become one of the mostmemorable journeys in your life no matter how much you leave. It is necessary to decide in advance with all the important questions, prepare for the trip and plan it as well as possible.

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