How many cities in Russia?

Anna Surmina
Anna Surmina
December 25, 2012
How many cities in Russia?

Russia is a huge country and, it would seem, there are so many cities in it that it is impossible to count everything. However, we have the Federal State Statistics Service, which is the organizer of the All-Russian census of the population. It is thanks to this event, held in the territory of our entire federation, that we obtain generalized demographic, economic and social information. Including it becomes known how many cities in Russia.

But first of all, let’s see how a locality is awarded city status.

How is the city status awarded?

One of the fundamental principles is the number of inhabitants. So, a town with a population of at least 12 thousand can become a city. In addition, at least 85% of the total population should be employed outside agriculture. However, not all of our cities satisfy the quantitative condition: there are those where there are less than 12 thousand inhabitants. Their urban status is due to historical factors, as well as a change in the number of people in those settlements that already had city status.There are also such cases when, satisfying these conditions, the settlement does not seek to acquire the status of a city in order to preserve certain benefits.

There are several categories of cities. If the population is less than 100 thousand inhabitants, then the city is called “medium” or “small”, more than 100 thousand people - “large”, more than 250 thousand - “large”, more than 500 thousand - “largest”, more than one million - “city millionaire "," megacity ".

How many million-plus cities in Russia?

According to the 2010 All-Russian Census, there are 1,100 cities in Russia. Of these, 12 cities - "millionaires".

  1. Moscow
  2. St. Petersburg
  3. Novosibirsk
  4. Ekaterinburg
  5. Nizhny Novgorod
  6. Samara
  7. Omsk
  8. Kazan
  9. Chelyabinsk
  10. Rostov-on-Don
  11. Ufa
  12. Volgograd

In 2012, two more cities crossed the million mark - Perm and Volgograd.

Among all these cities there are two cities - a multimillionaire, namely, Moscow with more than 11 million inhabitants, and St. Petersburg - more than 4, the rest of the million-plus cities crossed the milestone of only 1 million inhabitants.

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