How many days of vacation are there?

September 12, 2012
How many days of vacation are there?

Someone later, someone earlier, but every working person comes to the idea of ​​vacation. The desire to relax is irresistible, you dream of free days, you make plans ... And then you wonder - what plans can you make? How many days of vacation are there? Let's figure it out.

Well deserved vacation: when and how much

So, there is Chapter 19 in the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, which sets out the legal rights of an employee and an employer and their duties regarding the granting of vacations, and of course, how many days of vacation are laid for an employee and when it can be taken.

An employee has the right to take paid leave every year. In general, the annual leave is 28 calendar days. Also, according to the Labor Code and other federal laws, there are elongated leave.

After 6 months of continuous work in the organization, the employee becomes entitled to receive full paid vacation (28 calendar days).

Annual leave can be divided into parts, which is consistent with the employee and the employer. Moreover, one of the parts must be at least 14 calendar days (see article 125 of the Labor Code).

Taking into account financial and production opportunities, employers of some organizations can determine how many days of additional leave are required. These are organizations where workers have irregular working hours, dangerous or unhealthy working conditions, employees of the regions of the Far North and areas equated to them. There are other cases (see the Labor Code of the Russian Federation). The conditions and procedure for granting additional leave are determined by local regulations and collective agreements.

Calculation of days of leave in proportion to the period worked is made in case of dismissal of an employee or when calculating monetary compensation for unused leave.

The unused part of the holiday, in connection with the employee's call from the holiday to the workplace, is provided at a time convenient for the worker (chosen by him) and during the current working year. The same part can be attached to the holiday of the next working year.

It is forbidden not to provide annual paid leave for 2 consecutive years. Workers under 18 years old and workers with harmful, difficult conditions should receive full paid vacation annually (ie, 28 calendar days).

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