How many lines do parachute paratroopers have?

Skydiving is popular inthe modern world. Some people are professionally engaged in this sport, for others, a parachute jump is a way to tickle nerves and get a dose of adrenaline. And somebody wondered about how many lines there are in parachutes?

What is a parachute?

The parachute is an ingenious and simple inventionengineer from St. Petersburg Kotelnikov Gleb Evgenievich. He was the first to create a backpack device, received a patent for his invention in the year 1912.

The parachute is a hemisphere constructedfrom a fabric to which a load or a suspension system is attached by means of a sling. It is designed to slow and mitigate the fall from a height. Used for safe landing of a person or cargo, has several varieties.

how many lines are there in parachutes

How many lines are there in parachutes?

This, of course, is a very interesting question. There are several types of parachutes, they all have different number of lines. There is a basic parachute and reserve, landing, army and for cargoes. Slings are basic and additional, they are all made from high-quality durable fiber, withstand the load (each) up to two hundred kilograms. To answer the question about how many lines there are in parachutes, we need to consider each specimen separately.

how many lines of an army parachute

Army Parachute

In the armed forces parachutes of one series have been used for many years. From the sixties to the present day, these are parachutes D-5 and D-6. They differ in size, weight and number of lines.

How many lines of an army parachute D-5? There are twenty-eight of them, nine meters each. The parachute itself has the shape of a dome, it can not be controlled. With it, land as well as where you'll be lucky. This is the only, but serious minus of this series.

Afterwards, the D-6 parachute was released. He has thirty lines. Twenty-eight conventional, and two are designed to control the dome. They are in the side sections of the parachute. If you pull these lines, you can rotate and unfold the dome in the desired direction. This is a very useful quality if landing does not take place at a training ground, but in a mountainous area, a forest or in a place where there are ponds.

how many lines in a paratrooper

Parachute paratrooper

To ensure that paratroopers can calm themselvesfeel during the jump, they are provided parachutes series D-10. This is an upgraded version of the D-6. It has the shape of a patisson, the size of the dome is a hundred square meters! This parachute can easily be managed even by a novice paratrooper. The ease of control depends on how many lines there are in the paratrooper: the more of them, the easier the control.

The D-10 has twenty-six main lines: twenty-two four-meter slings and two seven-meter, attached to the hinges in the slots of the dome. Also there are twenty-two extra lines, located on the outside, their length is three meters, made of a strong cord ШКП-150.

There are also twenty-four additionalinternal slings. They are attached to additional slings. By the second and the fourteenth, two additional ones are attached at once. This is the answer to the question of how many lines in the parachute airborne. The D-10 is considered one of the safest parachutes in history.

how many lines at a spare parachute

Why do I need a spare parachute?

A replacement parachute must be mandatoryto be at the jumper when jumping. It is designed for emergency disclosure, when the main one is not disclosed or if it is twisted. In such a situation it does not matter whether the dome is controlled or not, how many lines there are in parachutes - none of the extra will help. Of course, an experienced skydiver will first try to straighten the main, which will lose additional time. If you can not straighten it, the spare parachute will save the situation. It quickly and easily unfolds.

To learn how to use the spare, many trainings do not need to pass, even a child can cope with this task.

How many lines are there in the spare parachute? Typically, such parachutes are the same for all major species. This series 3 and 4. Slings in the spare are arranged in four groups. In each there are six lines. In total, we get twenty-four. Of course, the reserve parachute is not designed for control, its main task is to quickly open up and save a person's life.

how many lines in a parachute

What do you need to know when you first jump with a parachute?

If you are not a regular soldier introops of the Airborne Forces and parachute jump - just a dream, and not a military duty, it is worth starting to sound like a training course. Even if you decide to jump with an instructor in tandem, training is necessary in order not to harm either yourself or the instructor. To him and so it is terrible to jump with the person, moreover and for a life someone to answer. Such courses cost from three thousand rubles - it depends on the company that provides these services.

Before going to the club, take care of gettingmedical certificate: a heart attack during a jump is a serious and dangerous thing. And it can happen, because when jumping into the abyss, so much adrenaline splashes out, which is enough for a year. Yes, and the fear of a jump, too, can lead to unfortunate consequences if the heart is pissed. Pressure should also be like when entering the space forces. If there is excess weight, it is also worth consulting with a doctor whether or not to jump.

If you have not reached the age of eighteen, it will come in handy.written permission to make a jump from the parents. Do not forget to warn them that you are going to do it, without their written consent, the instructor will not allow a parachute for a kilometer. People with mental disorders, after recently transferred operations, with diseases of the musculoskeletal system, with respiratory tract disease are not allowed to jump.

If your weight is more than one hundred and twenty kilograms, thenyou will be denied a tandem jump. Weight less than forty-five kilos is a contraindication for a single jump. Pregnant women are also not allowed. First, calmly take out the child, do not hide your position from the instructor in order to make a jump.

Skydiving is a dream for many. Do not use alcohol in front of him. It is clear that the joy goes off scale, but it is better to note this event after the commission, especially since with the smell of alcohol you will not be allowed to jump. And if they decided to drink, so that it was not scary, then it is better to refrain altogether from this venture.

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