How did Mayakovsky die?

Mayakovsky Vladimir Vladimirovich - Soviet poet, who achieved success and recognition. He was born in 1893 in the Caucasus. His work can be identified by the emotional nature of the poems and by the well-recognized "ladder" of the text, which later became his "calling card".

In life, he was energetic, did not hold his tongue, for which he was imprisoned, he was a scandalous person. Vladimir Mayakovsky made a huge contribution to the piggy bank of Russian culture. But who would have thought that V.V. Mayakovsky? allotted so short lines. He died when he was 36 years old. But why and how did Mayakovsky die?

From the personal life of the poet

The mysterious death of Mayakovsky has been worrying experts for a very long time.

Personal life did not please him. Everybody laughed at his desire to have a normal family, especially Lilya Brik, the beloved woman of his life. She said that if she bore him a child, he would never give birth to a single talented verse. And he increasingly began to talk about suicide, as the only salvation.

Love and death

Trying to break free from Lily's spell, he tried to start his life from scratch.

His last passion was Veronica Polonskaya, a beautiful actress of the Moscow Art Theater. April 14, 1930they should have had a date. He locked the door with a key and for a long time he talked about divorcing her husband and moving in with him immediately. But Veronica (Nora) could not decide to leave Mikhail Yanshin, realizing that at any moment their novel could end. He went out the door, she heard the sound of a shot, ran to her lover and saw blood on his body.

The shot was made in the emphasis in the heart. A suicide note dated April 12 was also found.

Versions of the death of Mayakovsky

What is the cause of death of Mayakovsky? Beloved woman or the fact that he was afraid of old age, or his conflicts with poets, whom he no longer understood, as they did him. He was a revolutionary, but the revolution is already over. Versions of the death of the poet, there are several, each has its supporters and opponents.

Murder. Perhaps someone wanted him dead? Opponents of this version say that Vladimir Vladimirovich was preparing to die. After all, he left a suicide note. But the fact that the note was written in pencil is alarming. Since, firstly, the handwriting with a pencil can be faked more easily, so say graphologists. Moreover, as V.I.Skoryatin asserted, Mayakovsky was anxious about his fountain pen and, most likely, would have started writing the last letter by her. And C.Eisenstein notes that Mayakovsky did not write anything like this at all, and the note is the work of his murderers. In defense of the murder version, the fact that Mayakovsky’s nose was broken, although he fell on his back, speaks. According to Nora, when they found him, Vladimir Vladimirovich lay on his back with his eyes open and tried to tell her something, but he did not have time. Another argument in favor of the fact that Mayakovsky would not have killed himself: when he heard the news of the suicide of Sergei Yesenin, he strongly condemned him, calling such an act cowardice. As a rule, the Soviet special services are accused of killing a poet.

Accident. The most unpopular version says that the poet died as a result of a sad set of circumstances. The fact is that Mayakovsky several times arranged for himself an extreme with a single bullet in a seven-shot pistol. And did this time really fail him in the game "Russian roulette"?

Suicide. Today it is the official version. It is adhered to by most researchers. And according to the memories of Lilia Brik, Mayakovsky repeatedly tried to commit suicide. It is also noted that the poet had drastic mood swings.He was overwhelmed with emotions of joy, when he had success, and failures led to deep depression.

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