How do peanuts grow?

Irina Gromyak
Irina Gromyak
March 20, 2013
How do peanuts grow?

Peanuts are delicious nuts that we love in confectionery, salted with beer, and roasted can be chewed. And while we enjoy this yummy, the question arises: how does peanut grow? On the tree, say you are right then wrong.

Peanuts are groundnuts. This plant is from the legume family, but it does not look like soybeans, beans, peas to its counterparts. It differs in that the fruits that we love so much ripen underground. Peanuts look like silk mulberry cocoon.

Where does peanuts grow

Peanut loves warmth and moisture. Therefore, the most suitable place for growing peanuts is the subtropical belt. But today he is already feeling well around the world. This plant is not fastidious, so amateur gardeners recommend growing it at home. Up to forty beans gives one bush, and the harvest needs to wait three to four months. In the period of growth, bushes love hilling. The beans are dug in the fall when they begin to separate well from the shell, and the leaves turn yellow. Nuts are washed, dried, and fried before use. Nuts are very fond of children.They are useful in that they contain protein that is easily absorbed by the body.

In Europe, this plant due to its excellent taste, very popular. In addition to being used in cooking, peanuts are also processed into butter. This oil is not inferior in quality to olive oil. Peanut plant is used as cattle feed. In its composition, it is not inferior to alfalfa.

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