How do snails breed in an aquarium?

No aquarium can do without snails. They are the most interesting inhabitants of the water element. Many aquarists put their content on the fore. They know perfectly well how home snails breed. And this is not at all surprising. After all, the snails maintain the desired PH of the water, and also eliminate pollution from the bottom and walls of the aquarium.

how snails Achatina breed

What you need to know novice aquarists?

Experts say that before running the fish in the aquarium, you must first put snails in it. This is explained by the fact that fresh water does not immediately form the necessary habitat for fish. Certain chemical reactions are necessary for their introduction. Otherwise, there is a likelihood that the life cycle of other inhabitants of the aquarium will significantly decrease.

Snails are the orderlies of the aquarium. They clean the algae, eat the severed pieces of leaves, and also pick up the uneaten food of fish at the bottom. Thus, snails play a large role in the aquatic environment.

It is also worth noting that these mollusks are the most resistant. This is another of the reasons why they are launched into the aquarium first.

Features of water snails

Before finding out how water snails breed, let's consider which of them can be launched into the aquarium.

How snails breed

First of all, you should understand that not all snails can be settled in such a living area. Indeed, in nature there are two types of mollusks: land and water. Their names speak for themselves. In addition, if, for example, we compare how Achatina snails and simple aquarium breeds, then even in this one can find significant differences.

We strongly advise not to choose those that you managed to find in nature. If you run into your aquarium pond snail, then make a big mistake. Firstly, this kind of snails is intended to live in the wild. Secondly, you risk infecting the water and all other inhabitants of the aquarium with foreign bacteria that can cause all sorts of diseases of fish and even plants.

Experienced aquarists, who tell how snails breed in an aquarium, insist only on the purchase of these aquatic inhabitants in pet stores, as they meet all sanitary standards. Therefore, they will not bring you unexpected "surprises".

how snails breed in an aquarium

Eating aquarium snails

Snails are unique animals. Many of them can breathe in water and air. Therefore, it is very interesting to watch them.

The esophagus in snails works quickly and without stopping. For them, there is no specific meal time. These aquatic inhabitants eat constantly! The biggest delicacy for them is fish feed. And as soon as she finds it, she tries to eat everything at once.

It is believed that aquarium snails eat fish excrement. It is not true. In addition, they are able to further pollute the aquarium and their waste, the amount of which depends on the size and type of snails.

Breeding snails in the aquarium

When and how do aquarium snails breed? Once these animals reach maturity, they begin to multiply. And for this it is not necessary to start a few individuals. Gay snails. Therefore, it is enough to run into the aquarium one, as after a while you will see her kids.

how aquarium snails breed

Snails lay eggs on plants, pebbles, all sorts of objects and walls of the aquarium. Very often, buying a new plant in the aquarium, you can replenish it with new inhabitants.Together with the algae, the eggs get into your water corner, from which small snails hatch over time.

Surely one of you already knows how snails ampouleria breed. And they do it a little differently. Ampulyaria lay their eggs slightly above the water level. At first it looks like small jelly-like pieces attached to the wall, with time they turn brown, and as a result small snails hatch from these eggs.

How and where to breed aquarium snails?

In general, we already know how snails breed. So now let's talk about how and where to breed them.

Watching the aquarium snails, we can say that they multiply constantly. Indeed, in a short period of time, they can significantly increase their population. Therefore, in this case, it is necessary to control their number in the aquarium in order not to reach a critical indicator.

How do snails breed in an aquarium? How to increase their number? For a start, remember that for their substantial brood, a separate aquarium of about 30 liters in volume, filled with settled water, is necessary.Put there some algae and run 3-4 snails. This amount for their intensive reproduction will be quite enough. Feed your “pets” once every 1-2 days with a small amount of feed. This can be as fish food, boiled vegetables (cabbage, carrots, potatoes, etc.), and bread in small quantities.

It is worth mentioning that in one aquarium can not contain several types of snails. In this case, the rule applies: the strongest survives. That is, large types of snails can simply eat small ones. There is a natural selection.

how do home snails breed

What to do with the excess snails in the aquarium?

Now you know how snails breed. And now, for sure, you have a question about what to do if their number has exceeded the permissible norms.

Indeed, this problem is faced by many. And many do not know how to be in this situation.

There are three ways of balancing the number of mollusks in an aquarium.

  • Special chemical agent that can be bought at any pet store. According to the instruction, after adding a certain amount of it to the water, weak snails die, only strong ones survive.But with this tool you need to be very careful, as you must understand that any chemical means can be the source of the disease (sometimes even death) of other inhabitants of the aquarium.
  • Electricity. It is mainly used by experienced aquarists who know how snails reproduce and thoroughly everything associated with them. Therefore, beginners are not recommended to perform this procedure.
  • Mechanical method. He intends to catch mollusks with his hands or cage. This option is the best, because in this case you control the number of snails that you are going to leave with the fish.

how snails ampouleria breed

Snail disease

Today you can find a large number of books that describe how aquarium snails breed, their food, maintenance and disease. Let's stop on the last.

Snails, like all aquatic inhabitants, are exposed to diseases. Corrosion of the shell is considered to be one of the most common. This is due to the high temperature of the water. In order to cure a mollusk, it is necessary to create only a favorable environment for the life of the snails: water should be no more than 22 C.The most optimal temperature regime for dilution is water with a temperature not higher than 25 C.

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