How to activate Navitel?

Vladimir Kulinich
Vladimir Kulinich
February 13, 2013
How to activate Navitel?

Navigator Navitel is a navigation system, a program that was created by Russian specialists, the authors of the GIS Russ program. The program gives hints, traffic jams, detours, optimal routes. The program includes detailed maps of more than 63,000 cities of Russia and a complete network of roads in the country. To learn how to activate Navitel, our article will help.

To get this program, you need to order it on the official website, also Navitel Navigator can be bought complete with a number of communicators. The installation of the program Navitel Navigator is performed by running a file with the extension .exe. You can activate the program in two ways:

  • When you start (first only), the Navitel Navigator program will offer to register it. To do this, you must enter the data from the card in the registration window and click the button that says “Get the License Key”. The program will go online. After that, your device will download the NaviTelActivationKey.txt file, which is a key generated based on your card number.After the first launch of the program, it will create a folder on your device’s memory card called:
    • NavitelContent-Maps. You can download maps of interest to you or the entire atlas of the country you need;
    • NavitelContent-Skins. In it, you can optionally copy skins (appearance) to your program.
  • Also, you can activate Navitel Navigator on a personal computer. To do this, go to the site and repeat the steps described in the first paragraph. The downloaded file NaviTelActivationKey.txt must be downloaded to the communicator where the program itself is located.

If necessary, you can re-register the program Navitel Navigator, for example, when replacing your device or smartphone, contact technical support with a letter, where you provide your activation data, contact phone number and full name. The application submitted in this way will be reviewed within 2-3 days. So you learned all about how to activate Navitel Navigator!

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