How to become a vanilla?

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How to become a vanilla?

We have already written about who are vanilla here is who are vanilla? In the article, the link to which we cited, there are so many distinctive features of vanillak. In short, you need to copy them in order to be a vanilla. The trouble is that the intolerant Russian society does not like vanilla, and even more it does not like the so-called "posers" - those who try to adopt only the outward signs of some kind of culture.

So how to become a real vanilla? Ideally, you need to be the child of the middle class. After all, it is in such families that the vanillak consciousness is formed. Their parents are well provided for buying an expensive SLR camera or lomograph for their children, Rayban glasses, appropriate clothing with prints and symbols of New York or Great Britain. By the way, there is an assumption that the love of Great Britain as an extremely freedom-loving country is also instilled in Vanilla parents. After all, London is the refuge of all Russian political prisoners.

But you can not think only about the external, you need to pay attention to the content. Vanilla listen to indie music, read by contemporary authors, for example, Paulo Coelho, Chuck Palahniuk, or Janusz Leon Vishnevsky. Books of the latter are not so easy to master, but enthusiastic girls in love find something in it. Just like girls, vanilla boys are addicted to art-house movies. Therefore, the question of how to become a vanilla boy can be answered, just like a girl, just to change clothes a little. After all, the philosophy of this social group does not depend on gender. To join the art-house cinema, try watching Lars von Trier films. We advise you to start with the movie "Dogville" with charming Nicole Kidman in the lead role. If you like it, then most likely, the rest of his films will also be appreciated. The latest and most favorite vanillak movie from Lars von Trier is called Melancholia. And of course, we should not forget about the movie "Vanilla Sky" with Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz and Penelope Cruz.

An important aspect of vanilla life is the attitude of vanilla to society and politics. The attitude until recently was indicatively distanced.Vanilki wanted to live in their fairy-tale world, but it seems that the protests of recent months have become fashionable for hipsters, a subspecies of which are vanilla.

And finally, the video, how to become a vanilla, to help.

And remember, as Fred said, the hero of the film “Hipsters”: “What matters is not what's outside, what's on the lining. The freer a person is, the simpler he is.”

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