How to write flac?

Sometimes when you drop music, for example, from any music site, you probably notice that the songs are recorded in some flac - format. What it is? And what is it for? In addition, when you opened this music in any players, you probably noticed that this composition is of very good quality and with a clear sound. In this article we will try to explain how to write to flac disc format. But before that, we will tell you what this format means and why it is used.

What is flac for?

So, flac is a special audio codec that is primarily intended for compressing music, multimedia files without loss in quality. Indeed, if your music is encoded and compressed with this format, then no loss of quality and deletion of information from the audio stream will not occur, as is usually the case with such well-known formats such as: mp3, wav. In principle, flac - format is designed to listen to music on high-quality audio equipment and create audio collections, in addition, it is quite often used by DJs, sound producers and professional musicians.

Write flac to disk

In order to know how to burn flac format to disk, you need to have flac, respectively, then it needs to be recoded to the wav format, and only after that pull out all the tracks sewn into the middle (for this you will have a special Cue file). And only in this state you can write files to disk. This, roughly speaking, was the theory. Now we will try to explain how to write flac to disk and which programs to use for this.

In order to unpack and then burn multimedia files to disk, there are quite a few specialized programs. Find some of them:

  1. Monkey’Audio is a program that unpacks the contents of any flac file;
  2. Frontend - works the same way as the previous one.
  3. Audio Copy - this product creates cue files and writes wav files to any disk.
  4. CD - this utility is paid, which can unpack and convert everything into any of the existing files.

How to burn flac on cd

Using the example of Easy CD - DA Extractor, we will explain how to write flac to cd. So, you have this program or another (their meaning is almost identical), as well as your flac files (usually when downloading a flac format, there is also a cue file).

  • After boldly launch Easy CD - DA Extractor, find an item or tab in it called “Audio converter”, it is in the top field of the program.
  • Then a directory tree will open for you, with which you will find your flac - files, pressing the left mouse button will add a file to the main window or drag your cue file into the same main field.
  • After that, you will see all your files that are in the cue image and need to be converted to wav format. You can do this by finding the “convert files” button in the lower right corner of the program window. After that, the process of converting your music files will take place.
  • After the conversion operation is completed, close the window that indicates the successfully completed task. If your flac - files are located separately, then find them through the directory tree and drag it to the main window, then the operation is identical, as with cue - files / images.

So, your files have already been converted, click the menu item at the top of the window, called “Cd - Dvd creator”. Remember that the disk on which you will record your music must be completely clean and workable, if it is cd-rw, then clear it from unnecessary files.After you insert a working and blank cd disc into the drive, and when the program has found this disc, drag your converted files into the bottom box under the name “Audio CD”. And press the standard “Burn CD” button.

Now you know how to use a special program for extracting high quality musical compositions from a flac cue file.

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