How to call funny?

Irina Gromyak
Irina Gromyak
March 19, 2013
How to call funny?

People often get into funny situations. Sometimes people themselves are funny. Remember the childhood, you always thought how to call your neighbor or a girl from a parallel class ridiculous, And without knowing the reasons why. Probably, in order to make everyone laugh at them, and you yourself at that time feel like a true hero. Nested doll, bespectacled, bun, cram and other "calls" were constantly present in your society.

When you grew up, the reasons for making a funny person call have already changed. Called already more to draw attention to themselves and not to offend the one who called names. You have loved ones who are always waiting for you a gentle word. For example, bunny, cat, my chicken, sweet berry and something else like that. It turns out and gently, and at the same time funny.

Growing up, people change their outlook on life. And what once seemed ridiculous, has already changed its meaning. Using the example of the movie “Matchmakers”, we can see how the main characters, being adults, call each other “Zaya” and “Kotya”.We have children appear, we, looking at them, also give them ridiculous, but gentle “calls-ups”: karapuzik, sly chanterelle, sweet bear.

It often happens that behind our backs we call our neighbors ridiculously. “Callings” are prickly, but they are sent to the trail to a person with warmth and affection: an old poker, gryza, mymra, cartridge, cricket and others. They are associated with the behavior of a person, with his character. So you learned how funny it is to call a person. Perhaps someone behind you and calls you as something funny, if it is with kindness, then do not be offended. After all, the positive, which is manifested even in this form, will always benefit.

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