How to caress a man?

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How to caress a man?

Pretty girls and women! If your man confesses to you in love and often has sex with you, then do not think that it will always be so. In order to win a man for life, it is not enough just to cook for him, clean and wash. It quickly get tired of him. It is important to have a zest in the most important, in the vicinity. He must always want you and remember this always, both at work and at home. You must ensure that whatever company he joins, he would not want another partner. You must make sure that your man just wanted you and could not live a day without sex with you.

Become desirable for men

First of all, in order to become desirable you need to know how to caress a man. Just having everyday sex every day is not enough. It is necessary so to learn to caress his body so that he remembers about you always and everywhere, and so that not one opponent could compare with you.

The lightest hands touching, it would seem, in the most unerotic places can arouse very bright emotions in a man.We will help you learn how to find sources of pleasure and how to get to their true potential.

According to research by scientists, the body and the brain for seven years remember our feelings, how strong is the force of the touch. Only seven years later, it begins to be forgotten, even sex, oddly enough, can not be compared with touches. Therefore, it is a mistake to underestimate them.

Where to caress a man

In fact, touches are the desires of the soul, they very much strengthen the relationship and it depends on them what the sex will be. But at the same time, it sounds strange, but even any kind of affection can not always end with sex.

From head to toe seven non-trivial sexual routes:

  • Popliteal hollows. Try to lick and warm them with your breath, and then hold them with your fingertips.
  • Tease your partner, especially in the transition from the legs to the pubis. Try to use a weightless feather or even your own lips. But intentionally avoid direct contact with the penis at this moment. Thereby the man is even more excited and you are with him.
  • Inner thighs. This is one of the few places where a passionate, long kiss will not bring pain.
  • Armpits.This part of the male body is unusually susceptible to manual stimulation. Such movements remind him of touching the penis. Gentle movements, as it were, tickle him in the area from the armpit to the heart. This is best suited for recently familiar partners.
  • Chin or corners of the mouth, the area around the lips. This is a hypersensitive zone in men, although many of them do not even realize it. Here you can even use just breathing or touching the hair and as a result, it will start in a second
  • Tailbone, buttocks and lower back. The strokes in this area are very clearly perceived by the partner, and the impulses from this spread throughout the body. What is interesting, it also produces hormones of happiness in addition to the hormones responsible for relaxation. Knead and stroke his buttocks at the same time, then gently kiss, then passionately bite. Then you can slightly blow and massage with your thumbs, it is very like your favorite.
  • Arms. You can experiment. Try dipping his fingers in champagne, honey, melted chocolate, and start licking them. In this case, his erection will come very quickly and will not keep you waiting.Laski precisely these points awakens a strong desire and chases to tremble.
  • Hair and head. Hair, first of all, is a catalyst of sensations. And thanks to the hair, touching the head is perceived four to five times stronger.

Petting dick

Naturally, we can not forget about the most important body of a man, of course, we are talking about his member. Regardless of its size and thickness, you should, if not adore it, just love it. A man immediately notices and feels when a woman avoids touching his penis with his lips. This will negatively affect your sexual history in general. Do not avoid it, on the contrary, try to express all your lips with your lips. But at the same time never forget about how to caress a man's member, so that he was pleased. Do not overdo it, because the penis is very sensitive and even slightly incorrect biting can bring pain. And you, being in an excited state, can simply not feel it and, thus, turn the situation not for the better. And also do not begin to caress from the member, when you have already got to him. Apply gentle licks of testicles and a pubis, area around a man's sexual organ is very sensitive.

Diversify intercourse

Do not repeat the same movements each time, as in the prescribed scenario, try each time to bring something new, change poses, start sex games in different ways. Stock up on sex toys and outfits from the sex shop, it will definitely have a positive effect on your relationship.

And, of course, do not forget that every man is individual, everyone has their own erogenous zones, by touching which you can cause an explosion of emotions. Find them from your man, and he will be yours forever.

Now, dear ladies, you know everything about how to caress a man, video information on this subject will also be extremely useful.

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