How to choose a bath?

At the moment there are several types of baths. Russian baths are the most popular in Russia, but Japanese and Turkish saunas are in demand in the world, and Finnish baths are also popular.

Types of baths

Finnish bath

Finnish sauna will appeal to those who prefer dry steam. The humidity in this bath is small. In Finnish saunas there are often no steam rooms with heating with the help of firewood, instead they use gas or liquid fuel.

Russian sauna

In the Russian baths, the air humidity is 40%. In ancient Russia, Russian steam rooms were primarily a place for ablutions and hygienic procedures. Be sure to use birch brooms. It was the use of the steam room that helped our ancestors confront many diseases, including the spread of the plague. And if the baths in Russia were widespread in ancient times, in Europe they appeared only after the church recognized washing as not a sin, which happened only in the early 19th century.

Turkish bath

Turkish bath is called "Hammam". A distinctive feature of this bath is the maximum degree of air humidity - 100%, while the temperature in the bath can be relatively low - 40º, maximum 60º. In the Russian baths, the air temperature is usually at least 50º, and in the Finnish baths - from 100º and more. Steam in the Turkish bath is served from below, and the walls in the Turkish bath are lined with stone.

Japanese bath

The Japanese bath uses water that is infused with herbs. The bath actually represents a barrel, and, upon completion of the procedure of ablution in a barrel with herbs, it is necessary to transfer to another one, which contains water infused with oils. After that, wiped with a dry towel.

Roman baths

You may also be interested in the so-called Roman baths. They consist of two rooms: tepidarium and laconicum. The essence of these baths is to prepare a person for a strong increase in temperature. In the first room - the air temperature is 45º С, in such a room you need to be from 5 to 10 minutes, after which you move to a hotter room with air temperature up to 70º. Despite the high temperature, it is worth noting that in the Roman bath people usually feel good, who do not tolerate heat. This is due to the fact that the humidity in these baths is relatively low, and air is supplied from special openings in the walls.

Baths in beauty salons

Now there are baths in many beauty salons, but their principle of construction is more like a sauna. Of course, these baths have their advantages. You can use various kinds of services, namely: massage, manicure, scrub and others. However, the usual Russian bath also offers a good range of services, such as a dining table and a swimming pool.

What bath should be chosen

To say for sure which bath is best for you is quite difficult. On the one hand, this is a matter of taste, and on the other, you must take into account the individual characteristics of your body. If you do not know exactly what air temperature and degree of humidity you can tolerate, then start with a bath, the temperature of which will be the least high. It is quite possible that you will go to the so-called dry-air bath with an air temperature of 60º and humidity below 30%. Most likely, it will be a Finnish sauna, or it can be an Ofuro Japanese bath.

Remember that at a temperature of 70º C in the bath should not be more than 5 minutes, if the air temperature is about 100 º C - no more than 3 minutes. In the future, you will be able to stay in the bath longer, but not more than 10 minutes in one go.After the first steaming, it is not recommended to take water procedures in chilled water. Also, do not drink alcohol before the bath and while in it.

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