How to choose a boiler?

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How to choose a boiler?

Boiler - water heater of accumulative type, which is ideal for installation in apartments and country houses. The range of such devices today is very wide, so it is important to know what parameters you should pay attention to when choosing a boiler.

Heating method

First you need to decide on the method of heating. According to this parameter, boilers are divided into gas and electric. The first type of products is notable for its low price and economic operation. But there is a significant disadvantage: gas boilers require complicated installation and the need for a separate chimney. That is why many prefer electric water heaters. They cost more, but their installation is not difficult.

Water tank material

The main element of the boiler is the tank, so it should be given special attention. First you need to find out what material the tank is made of. So, if it is made of copper or propylene, it will last about 2-3 years. Water heaters made of steel coated with ordinary enamel have a slightly longer life.They are able to serve for about 4 years. If titanium enamel acts as a coating, the boiler will last for 7-8 years.

Manufacturers also offer water heaters with stainless steel tanks. They do not corrode and do not oxidize, therefore they serve for more than 10 years. But it is important to bear in mind that the longer the life of such a device, the higher its price. However, saving on its purchase is not worth it, as the boiler is purchased, as a rule, for a long time. It is better if his tank is made of stainless steel or have a titanium coating.

Boiler tank capacity

An important parameter is the volume of the boiler tank. If it acts as the sole source of hot water, then it is important that it is enough for all needs. In this case, it is better to choose large boilers. So, experts advise buying water heaters for a family of two or three people with a volume of 100-140 liters. If the house is home to four or five people, then you need to buy a boiler, designed for 160-180 liters.

Of course, the given volumes are approximate, the choice of the boiler according to this parameter will also depend on how economically water is used in your family.So, if you do not plan to take a bath often, then you can get by with appliances with less capacity. But if, due to certain reasons, you will need hot water all day long and in significant volumes, then it is better to make a choice in favor of a large boiler.

Water heater power

Many do not know what power to choose a boiler. So, if the volume of the tank of the water heater is 120 liters or more, it is better if it has a capacity of 3-3.6 kW - then the water in it will heat up to the required temperature within 1-2 hours. If you plan to buy boilers up to 120 liters, their power can be from 2 to 2.4 kW.

Number of heating elements

Each electric boiler has a heating element (TEH). At the same time, in some models two heating elements are provided at once, which is preferable. It is absolutely clear that such elements fail quickly enough, and if two are installed, they will last much longer. If one heating element burns down, the second will continue to work, which means you will not be left without hot water. In addition, when there is no urgent need for very hot water, it is possible to use only one heating element for heating, thereby reducing the load on the network.

Manufacturer selection

When buying a boiler in an apartment or a country house, it is necessary to pay attention to the manufacturer, since the quality of the water heater largely depends on this. It is better to give preference to reputable manufacturers, for example, Gorenje, STIEBEL ELTRON, AEG, Aquavesto, Bosch, Electrolux, Ariston, Vaillant, Vektor, etc.

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