How to choose a heater?

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How to choose a heater?

Now in the shops selling household appliances, there is such a large number of various electric heaters of various types and capacities that a person, first faced with the problem of choosing this home appliance, is fit and be at a loss from such abundance. Therefore, each potential buyer of the heater should be aware that their entire range is divided into four large groups:

  • electric convectors;
  • oil radiators;
  • fan heaters;
  • infrared heaters.

In order to come to buy, not to make a mistake with the choice and to purchase exactly the heater that you really need, you must have at least a general idea of ​​the purpose and principles of operation of each type of heaters.

How to choose a good heater: tips

Before you go to the store, you need to clearly understand for yourself why you need a heater, since you need to choose it based on the purposes for which it is purchased.

Heater for constant heating of the home

In the event that there are no heat sources in the room and the heater should play the role of the main heating system, buy a stationary electric convector. It can continuously work for a very long time, constantly maintaining the desired temperature in the room thanks to its built-in thermostat.

The convector works absolutely silently. It has a sleek, flat casing that easily attaches to the wall in any suitable place (most often the convector is installed under the window where the central heating radiators are usually located). Its front panel does not heat up above 70 * C, which excludes the likelihood of burns when it touches the surface. For the same reason, ignition of objects near the convector is also impossible; therefore, it can be safely left for a long time unattended when turned on.

In order for the convector to properly heat the room, it is only necessary to correctly calculate the required power of the device. It is believed that one kilowatt capacity of such a heater is needed for ten square meters of dwelling (in apartments with a standard wall height of 2.5 meters), that is, for example, to fully heat a room of 15 square meters you need to buy a 1.5 kW convector.

In addition to all the above, the electric convector is still good because it heats up quickly, does not “burn” oxygen and has a high efficiency. The only disadvantage of the convector is its rather high cost.

Heater for auxiliary or temporary heating of the home

If you need a device for heating on cool summer or autumn days or you want to raise the temperature in the apartment in the case when the central heating does not work well, buy an oil radiator. It has the same power as the convector (from 1 to 2.5 kW), but much cheaper than it and only slightly inferior to it in efficiency.

The oil radiator is essentially a semblance of a conventional central heating radiator, but instead of hot water, heated mineral oil circulates inside it, so it runs completely silently. Thanks to the wheels built into its bottom, the oil cooler can be easily moved around the apartment. The thermostat, available in almost every such heater, allows you to change the degree of its heating. In the more expensive models, a timer is set, which makes it possible to program the switch-on time and duration of the oil cooler.

The insignificant disadvantages of oil radiators include their cumbersomeness, the duration of heating the oil and the difficulty with cleaning, which arise due to the ribbed surface of the battery cells. The main disadvantage of all oil radiators is the very high temperature of their surface, so you can get burned when touched.

If you are not short of money and you have small children or pets in your house, it is better not to save money and buy a mobile convector, which is a mobile version of the electric convector.

Heater for short and fast air heating

If you need a heater in order to heat the air in the country house that you visit only for a few hours on weekends or to quickly raise the temperature in the bathroom before bathing your child, buy a heater - the cheapest and easiest electric heater.

Thanks to its low weight and compact size, the fan heater can be easily brought to any room and placed almost anywhere - on a table, on the floor or on a stool. In a small room, the fan heater is very fast, one can say that it will instantly heat the air to the desired temperature.Many fan heaters are available in different colors and have a beautiful body shape, so you can easily choose a fan heater that matches the overall design of your home.

The main disadvantages of all fan heaters are the noise they make during operation; low efficiency with high power consumption and the burnout of oxygen from the air passing through their heating elements.

Heater for spot heating

If you need to heat not the whole room, but only a small part of it, for example, a workplace or a cot, buy an infrared heater. It is silent and very economical, as it heats not the air itself, but the surface of objects on which infrared radiation is emitted.

Infrared heater does not dry the air, does not burn oxygen, it is completely fireproof. Its only drawback can be considered a rather high price.

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