How to choose a hookah

Everyone knows about the dangers of smoking. Nevertheless, many can not part with such a pernicious habit. And even if you have to give up the banal cigarette, then the habit of taking time out for the hookah remains. We will not venture into discussions about the harm or benefit of this lesson. This article contains interesting information for those who are concerned with the question of how to choose a hookah.

Unfortunately, low-quality products noware offered everywhere. It is especially difficult to determine if you make a purchase over the Internet. And in order not to get trapped, it is worthwhile to understand what parts of a hookah consists of, and what requirements for each of them should be put forward during the selection process.

1. Bowl.This element is on top of the hookah. It should be made of quality material. On the market are hookahs with metal or clay bowls. The latter option is preferable. Usually the bowls have one or more small holes at the bottom. In the first case, you have to put a piece of foil or an angular pebble at each use so that the tobacco does not fail. It's not too convenient. Answering the question about how to choose a hookah, it is worth mentioning that its bowl should not have cracks, shells, chips, any violations of the outer layer. Its upper edge is ideally even. Check this by placing the bowl on a hard surface, such as a counter.

2.Metal shaft. It is also called "the heart of hookah". It is a hollow tube, it is in it that the main cooling takes place, as well as the precipitation of all impurities from the smoke, which can be considered extraneous. Experts recommend choosing products with steel mines. It is durable and strong. Choosing a hookah with a copper mine is also a good step, but caring for it will be time-consuming. This part should be, in addition, long enough. Passing through a very short mine, the smoke will not be able to cool down. As a result, you can get an unpleasant taste in your mouth or a sore throat. However, the long mine is not too good either. In general, the dimensions of this part vary from 20 cm to 1 m. You will be able to choose your "size" only by experience. The "height" of the hookah, which is recognized by specialists as desirable for starters, is about 60 centimeters (this is a bowl for water and a mine together).

3.Flask. It is usually filled with water, which is calledCool, filter and humidify the smoke coming from the bowl through the shaft. The materials used today for the manufacture of this part are diverse: clay, plastic, metal, quartz, rock crystal. Public are now hookahs with glass flasks, which have a heavy bottom and massive walls. They usually have a green or blue color.

4.Hose. To understand how to choose a hookah, you need to know: this part consists of a mouthpiece, a hose and a branch pipe that is inserted into a flask or a metal shaft. Quality nipples are made from birch or oak. A good hose is thick, not breaking after washing and drying. Care of it is necessary, it is in this part that all extraneous impurities and resins are collected in the process of work. The best recognized leather hoses, however, they can be made from rubber, polyethylene and so on. The standard length is up to 80 cm. Mouthpieces can be made of stone, plastic, wood, bamboo, amber. The most durable specimens are made from oak or birch.

4.Valve. When answering the question how to choose a hookah, one should not forget about this important detail. It is designed to remove excess smoke in the flask. Usually manufacturers install ball valves.

Types of hookahs - functional and souvenir. Based on the purpose of acquisition, and you need to make a choice.

In any case, all parts of the hookah are ideally assembled tightly, without much effort. And, acquiring it, it is worth considering all the requirements.

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