How to choose a water cooler?

September 26, 2018
How to choose a water cooler?

The water cooler is an installation for cooling / heating and automatic feeding of liquid from the bottle. Water enters special drives where it is cooled or heated. For all the work is responsible compressor and heating element. For full operation of the device, it is enough to install the bottle and turn on the cooler in the outlet. On the page you will find the most common models in the Russian market with full information on the characteristics and video reviews on the most common models.


Among the popular floor and desktop type coolers, which differ significantly in price and technical characteristics, the following can be distinguished:

  • Desktop modelHotFrost D120FIt costs only 2500 r, while it works without a compressor and consumes 450 watts of electricity.
  • Floor installationHotFrost V900CScosts 15500 p, requires 650 W, has a compressor and a good performance: 5 l / h heating and 2 l / h cooling.
  • Desktop coolerVATTEN D26WEcosts 3800 r, consumes 420 watts, contains electron cooling and heating: 4 l / h and 2 l / h.
  • Outdoor optionVATTEN V16SKAcosts 20,000 p, consumes 650 watts. Cooling and heating here is done with a compressor: 4 l / h and 2 l / h at room temperature.

Distinctive features in the design

When choosing a cooler for yourself, you must remember that the compressor requires expensive maintenance. Modifications with an electronic thermoconverter are much more efficient and reliable, and, therefore, more cost-effective. If you buy a desktop cooler VATTEN D26WE, then with the same performance, it turns out that it consumes less electricity, is easier to maintain and is much cheaper than the outdoor VATTEN V16SKA. And if the temperature of the liquid in the siphon is not important to you, it will be better to purchase the cheapest HotFrost D120F without cooling.

Opportunities and scope of use

Most often, coolers are bought by organizations where there are always a lot of people, and there is not enough drinking water. If you put it in the office, in just an hour he can provide you with 5 liters of cool and clean liquid. The cooler is like a soda machine, only here everything is a bit simpler.

Conclusions and recommendations

In conclusion, we can conclude that the purchase of such a device in the office or home is expedient and convenient to all without exception.

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