How to choose ski goggles?

The main winter entertainment is skiing. It's wonderful - on a sunny, clear day to descend the sparkling snowy slope from the mountain, enjoying the fresh air and wonderful nature around. But few people think that skiing in the winter, we do not replenish our health reserves, but, on the contrary, sometimes we lose it. Especially when we forget that ski goggles are a necessary attribute of a good rest in nature. They will protect our eyes from bright light, strongski goggleswind, beating snow in the face, and sometimes from the branches of trees and from the sharp tip of ski poles. Ski mask will protect your eyes from eye burn, the so-called "mountain blindness".

But this ski accessory will only bringbenefit, if in his choice we will be guided not only by fashion trends. To pick up points for winter holidays correctly, you need to know some of the selection criteria.

The first thing you should pay attention to is skiingglasses should properly "sit" on the face. Do not crush, do not squeeze your face, do not obstruct your breathing, be comfortable and comfortable. The edges of the mask are usually protected with foam rubber, so as not to damage the skin.

Do not forget about the possibility of a side scan. After all, glasses are worn not only by skiers, but also snowboarders, for whom a broad view is very important.

It is necessary to pay attention to the presence in the skimask ventilation ducts or openings so that the air under the mask does not accumulate, but well ventilated. Such channels are usually located along the entire perimeter or from above.

ski gogglesIf you are a real mountain skier, then youcertainly equipped helmet. So, you need to try on ski goggles only with him and pick them up so that the mask is easy to put on a helmet, but, at the same time, fit tightly and did not fly off your face. Adjust the glasses will help the belt, which is usually well regulated, stretched and fixed.

Those who have poor eyesight, ski glasses needTo choose so that there was an opportunity to place correcting lenses. Skiers with good eyesight, double polycarbonate lenses are inserted into the ski masks. Such material is not scratched, does not break, it protects well from ultraviolet rays and the glare on the snow is weakened.

To reduce the distortion of vision in masksLenses of different thickness are used. But before you buy ski goggles, you should definitely check - whether they accurately display the surrounding objects. This is easy to see if you look at a tree, a bench or something else through glasses, moved away from the eyes by 30-40 cm.

The color of these lenses can be different, because eachof them is designed for certain weather conditions. It is best to buy glasses with golden, amber or yellow lenses. They perfectly neutralize the sunlight reflected from the snow, they are comfortable in foggy or cloudy weather. Dark lenses are usually used for very bright and activeski goggles buym sun, and colorless - for skating at night.

If you want to buy ski glasses, pleaseattention to the fact that they should reflect more than 95% of the sun's rays. In the highlands, ultraviolet is reflected even from stones, and in bad weather its strength does not change. The danger of eye burn is especially great at an altitude of more than 2 kilometers. For skating at this height, glasses of the 4th category are used.

Different lenses have different purposes, and,then you need to have two masks or a mask with a set of different lenses. And then riding from the mountains will bring real pleasure! Although keeping an eye in winter is even in your spare time.

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