How to close IE with debts?

Business development does not always happen the way it would like and it happens that the need arisesclose SP with debts. I think it is unnecessary to explain to the reader what this abbreviation means, but just in case I will decipher: PI means individual entrepreneur. Well, now let's get to the point. First we will talk about the payments that the entrepreneur is obliged to pay before the closure of the IP, and then about those with which you can wait some time.

Is it possible to close SP with debts

A specific question is a concrete answer: yes, it is possible, but sooner or later debts will have to be paid. In addition, there are a number of mandatory payments that the entrepreneur is obliged to pay before the closure of the IP. But first things first. The closure of an IP with debts begins with contacting your tax inspectorate, where you will be given an application form for state. registration of termination of activities (this is the official name of the procedure for termination of a legal entity called IP). This application must be completed in the appropriate form and, in addition, pay the state fee for closing the IP (more precisely, for state registration) in any branch of Sberbank.After that, you need to return to the tax office and submit the documents. A certificate of termination of your IP activity will be issued to you on the fifth working day after the submission of documents. True, there is one important note: before you apply for closure, you must pay all taxes that are levied directly from the tax inspectorate. We will talk about debts to the Pension Fund of Russia (Pension Fund of Russia) and the Social Insurance Fund (Social Insurance Fund) in the next chapter.

Is it possible to close PI with debts of the FIU and FSS

If tax debts have to be paid immediately before closing, then the law permits to postpone the debt to the FIU and FSS. However, after you have received the document on the closure of the PI in the tax inspectorate, you must report to the Pension Fund with a certificate of termination of the IP activity and a passport. The employee of the FIU will issue you a receipt for the payment of mandatory payments, so it’s impossible to get out of these debts - they can only be delayed a little. As for the visit to the Social Insurance Fund (FSS), then there must be come to those entrepreneurs who are registered there as employers.In this case, FSS employees will also issue you receipts for the payment of mandatory payments. Payments for PFR and FSS receipts can be made at any branch of Sberbank of Russia. After all payments have been made, you will need to contact the bank that served you and close the account valid there until that moment.

Debts to employees and creditors

That's all, it remains only to add that the law allows you to pay some debts immediately after closing, but you still have to pay all debts. As for debts to creditors and employees, of which a lot can also be accumulated, these issues are being addressed directly with the creditors and employees themselves. Typically, such disputes are resolved voluntarily, but note that if there is evidence that you do not pay the amount due to the employee or creditor, they are fully entitled to file a lawsuit with a claim to recover this amount from you and even compensation for moral damage and legal costs.

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