How to create a social network?

Today, social networks are experiencing a real boom, and their popularity continues to gain momentum.

Creating your own social network is a matter that cannot be called very complex. On the Internet, you can find a lot of information about how to create a social network yourself. It is possible to use the engines not on a free or paid basis. The only thing is to evaluate the functionality of this or that engine and determine how it suits you.

How to create a social network for free

To solve the issue of creating your own social network, you can use the service.

In this service, you will be able to relatively quickly prepare for work a social network that will be used for communication and sharing of content, including photos, text, audio and video. And we must take into account the fact that you get a social network for free, and it will be very easy to do.

The first thing you need to decide on the future address of the social network, that is, to come up with a subdomain that will have the following form - your decide for yourself what your network will be, that is, it will be closed or open. An open version implies the possibility of reading by everyone. Next, go to a brief description of the network and choose the language, as well as the avatar.

The next step is to create an interface. You can use the mouse to place information items as you see fit. Next, set up fonts and other visual elements. When finished with the design, then click "LAUNCH", and the network will find life.

The network thus obtained has all the basic functionality that is inherent in popular representatives from this area. That is, it is possible to register new users who can create their own blogs, upload photos, videos and engage in the main activity in the network - this is to communicate.

With the help of Ning, you can simultaneously use Russian, English and Latvian.

We get traffic from the VKontakte network

Traffic from social networks is a good thing. Of course, there is a lot of feedback on the poor quality of traffic for online stores, but be aware that users who come from social networks will definitely click on the "Like" button. How to get traffic from the social network VKontakte?

We get traffic

If you have money, then the right decision will be to buy traffic. Although these actions are more acceptable for commercial projects. You can purchase traffic in the "Advertising" section. The paid method is good because you have the opportunity to customize ads. That is, you have broad targeting settings that include indicators such as marital status, gender, university, school, interests, games, etc.

Create a community

Using your VKontakte interface, creating a community is a matter of a few minutes. Here you will be able to unite people with the interests that best suit your social network.

Engines to create a social network

BuddyPress is a WordPress MU optimized engine. In this case, he answers the question of how to create a social network, like Vkontakte as a separate option, or build it into an already existing blog. The main advantage of the engine is its free. Download and install will take you no more than five minutes. Don't forget that WordPress is required for BuddyPress to work.

You can find this engine at -

Elgg refers to the engines that are provided for free.There are a large number of communities to support. The engine is completely Russified.


SocialEngine is the most “social” engine. There will have to spend money, as the engine is paid, and its cost is 250 US dollars. He occupies a leading position among the engines used to create social networks. The engine can be expanded with plug-ins that cost money, and each will have to pay an average of $ 40. Today, there is a new version of the engine - SocialEngine 4.0. This version has more significant functionality relative to version 3.0.

If you do not want to spend money on the purchase of an unfamiliar product, then you have the opportunity to test it for thirty days for free. And at the end of the free period, you will make a conclusion and on its basis decide whether there is a need to purchase this engine.

This engine is ideal for promotion in the English part of the Internet.

You can download this engine from here -

Based on the foregoing, a conclusion follows, which suggests that it is possible to create a social network independently and this is not such a difficult matter.Your time costs can perfectly fit in two hours, and the maximum cash investment will amount to $ 250.

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