How to create an LLC?

Limited Liability Companyallows founders to engage in a variety of activities and, as necessary, increase the size of the authorized capital, so many businessmen decide to open it. Consider how to create an LLC yourself.

How to open a limited liability company: step by step instructions

That at creation of Open Company (a limited liability company) you did not miss anything, it is necessary to act consistently.

Step 1: Choose a name

The first step is to choose a name for LLC. It should be borne in mind that the LLC under the current legislation can have up to 6 brand names:

  1. full name in Russian;
  2. short name in Russian;
  3. full name in any foreign language;
  4. Abbreviated name in the selected foreign language;
  5. full name in the languages ​​of the peoples of Russia;
  6. abbreviated name in the languages ​​of the peoples of Russia.

You can choose a name for the company, but it is important that it was not used by anyone and did not contain the following words: federal, Russia, olympiad.

Step 2: office and legal address

Next, you need to find an office for your organization and register the legal address of its location.

Step 3: Authorized capital

The next thing to do is createauthorized capital (not less than 10 000 rubles). It is formed by the members of the LLC. At the same time, funds can be deposited in various shares. The authorized capital can be made not only from cash, but also from movable and immovable property and securities.

Step 4: activity code

It is also necessary to select the code OKVED, which will correspond to the activities of your company. There can be several.

Step 5: The taxation system

For a limited liability company, one of the following taxation systems may be chosen:

  • general (OCO);
  • simplified (USN);
  • imputed (EBND).

Step 6: Payment of Fees

To register an LLC it is required to pay a state fee at a time. Its size for today is 4000 rubles.

Step 7: Preparation of documents

To register an LLC, you will need the following package of documents:

  • application of the established form on the state registration;
  • the minutes of the meeting of the founders and the agreement on the establishment of the LLC;
  • articles of association;
  • a receipt confirming the payment of the state fee;
  • a copy of the certificate, certified by a notary, the ownership of the premises where the office is located, or a duplicate of the lease agreement.

Step 8: Submit documents

To submit a package of documents is necessary in the interdistrict tax inspection of your city

Step 9: Obtaining Documents

Registration LLC, usually lasts 7 working days. In case of its successful completion, you will be given the following documents:

  1. certificate of passed state registration of LLC;
  2. registered Charter of the organization;
  3. a certificate confirming the tax registration;
  4. sheet of record about the registration of LLC.

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