How to create an email?

Natalya Kosenko
Natalya Kosenko
October 1, 2014
How to create an email?

E-mail is an integral part of communication on the Internet. If the question “How to register an e-mail address?” Is not in front of young people, older people do not always know what an e-mail is and how to create an e-mail. Mailboxes are paid and free. Consider how to create an email address in the most popular email services.

How to create email mail to Yandex

Mailbox on Yandex has an unlimited volume, is protected from spam and viruses. Before you make an email address, you need to go free registration on the site. The registration page will open after clicking on the button “Create a mailbox”.

Specify the name and surname (preferably real) and login - the name of the future email address. It is quite difficult to find a free login on Yandex due to the great popularity of the service. Therefore, you can use the help and choose one of the options compiled from your name and surname.

In the next window you need to come up with a password, a secret question and the answer to it.To recover a password in case of loss, you can specify an additional e-mail and mobile phone number.

After successful registration, click the button “Start using Yandex services” and enter the mail.

How to make an email address in google

Mailbox on Google has a sufficient amount (7 GB) and reliable protection from spam. Before you make an email on Google, go to one of the pages: or. You will see the registration form after clicking on the red button “Create an account”.

Similarly, with registration in Yandex, specify the last name, first name (they will be indicated in the automatic signature of your letters), login, password. For security, specify a spare e-mail or security question.

After filling out the questionnaire and getting acquainted with the terms of use of the service, complete the registration with the button “I accept the conditions. Create my account. ”

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