How to cry?

Not everyone can cry at the right time. Some believe that only good actresses can do this, but this is not true. There are several ways through which it will be possible to put a tear when it is necessary. It is only necessary to remember them and have time to use.

How to cry at the right time?

Many girls ask themselves: “how can I cry on purpose?”. The easiest way to start a tear is to remember an event from your life that brought a lot of pain. You need to mentally return to your past and re-experience the negative situation morally. Thus, tears will flow naturally. In this case, you will have to calm down for a long time, but you will be able to achieve your goal.

If the above method did not produce results, you can hurt yourself. For example, bite your lip or tongue, dig your nails into an arm or leg, quietly pull yourself a pair of hairs. After this, the body will necessarily respond with tears; Of course, there will be no tantrums, but you can play it for greater likelihood.

Since not everyone can quickly start crying, one should experiment to subsequently achieve an instant result.For example, if you do not blink for a while and at the same time yawn, tears will roll themselves. Before using this technique you need to practice to cry it turned out more naturally.

If you want to cry on the street, then the wind will help. But he has to blow up towards the eyeballs. While the eyes themselves should be open, try not to blink. You can be sure that tears will roll rather quickly, as a person blinks to moisturize the eyeball, and when this does not occur, tears are emitted from its ducts.

Eye drops

Eye drops will help to cry at the right moment. This method is often used by actors. However, you need to be careful with such tools, as they are designed to solve certain ophthalmic problems, so they can be harmful to healthy eyes. But if the pharmacy was prescribed by an ophthalmologist, the dosage should be observed in order not to run into problems later.

How to cause tears with facial expressions

There is a physiological way to cause tears. You need to watch the mimicry of a person who is crying and try to repeat it at the right moment.Thus, a signal will be given to the brain that a person is crying, which means that it is necessary to start an attribute of this action - tears. You just need to practice in front of the mirror, because the grimaces do not always look natural, and for this reason a person may not believe your tears.

Tearing agents

Since not everyone can cry on purpose, you can use the tools that cause tears. It can be menthol balsam if you are not allergic to it. It should be applied under the eyes, avoiding contact with the mucous membrane. You can also smell the bow, but if the interlocutor smells his smell, he will not believe the tears. Some use perfume for this purpose. They need to put on your fingers and bring to the eyes.

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