How to decorate salads?

Alexandra Bychkova
Alexandra Bychkova
July 30, 2012
How to decorate salads?

A salad is considered perfectly made, if its appearance causes an appetite in a person, therefore it is necessary to create not only its taste, but also a pleasant appearance. You can simply mix all the ingredients in a saucepan, pour the mayonnaise over the salad and stick a tablespoon into it. And you can apply the salad more elegantly: in a large glass or crystal dish, add vegetables, olives or herbs for decoration. How to decorate salads?

Salads are decorated with those ingredients that have an excellent taste, bright color and beautiful shape. In our article we will look at how to beautifully decorate salads in several ways.



Cucumbers - the most magnificent material for decorating salads, and used as pickled, salted, and fresh cucumbers. Cucumbers can be cut into slices, slices, cubes, circles, ringlets, fan - as you like.

Carrots are commonly used to decorate salads because of their bright, lasting color. In this case, you can also take both fresh and boiled carrots.You can cut carrots in bars, circles, asterisks, tulips, vases.

Tomato is also one of the commonly used vegetables in salad dressing. Tomatoes can be cut in half, remove the ovary from both halves, and then fill them with green peas, mushrooms, cheese and other products suitable for salad.


Salads are decorated with onion rings, cutting the onion into thin slices. On the surface of a large bulb, you can make a cut crosswise, - you get a flower of chrysanthemum. Almost all salads are decorated with dill, green onions, parsley. Small leaves of greens can be put whole.



Lemons, as a rule, are decorated with salads made from fish. Strips are made on the peel of a lemon with a carved knife, and then the lemon is cut into thin slices and decorated with salad. Pomegranate seeds give spice to any salad due to its size.

Meat products

Slices of sausage or ham rolled into rolls. On the sausage make a cross-shaped incision, which is revealed in the form of a rosette after heating it in hot water.


Hard-boiled eggs are cut into slices or finely chopped. Different figures are made from whole eggs.For small portions of lettuce, grated yolk and white are suitable, sprinkled with salads on top.


Thus, the salads must be decorated so that the main composition of the salads is visible, but the decoration must be simple and tastefully decorated. We talked about 5 ways to decorate salads, photos you can also see in the article.

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