How to develop brains?

We all know that intelligence, attention, memory can be trained and developed. We regularly visit gyms, do fitness, improving our body. But who among us thinks about how to develop brains, train their abilities?

How to develop brain abilities

It is easy enough to develop the abilities of your brain if you listen to the following tips:

  • Listen to classical music regularly or start learning how to play musical instruments. As the results of scientific research show, people who regularly listen to classical music have better memory, higher IQ and more vocabulary than those who prefer the modern variety art. Scientists have called this phenomenon - "The Effect of Mozart."
  • Bright light. As it does not seem strange to you, but a long stay in a bright room improves the logical abilities of a person. It is best if the room is illuminated by sunlight or electric lamps imitating it.
  • Proper nutrition. To improve the ability of the brain should eat daily foods rich in flavonoids, not only improve the logical abilities of the personbut also protecting his brain from degenerative processes. Black currants, blueberries, cocoa, blueberries, red wine and green tea are rich in flavonoids.
  • Regular exercise. Regular exercise helps to improve blood circulation in the brain, enhancing metabolic processes in it.

Some people dream of how to develop the brain by 100%. Unfortunately this is not possible. As scientific data show, a person can make the most of no more than 10% of the capabilities of his brain. But to improve the logical and abstract thinking, memory, to develop creative abilities is quite possible by training the corresponding hemispheres of the brain.

How to develop brain hemispheres

The right hemisphere of the brain is responsible for the intuition and creativity of thinking, and the left hemisphere is responsible for the logic. In some people, the left hemisphere prevails, in others the right one. And only in a small part of people the activity of the cerebral hemispheres is balanced. But there are special psychophysiological methods that allow you to develop the abilities of each of the hemispheres.

How to develop the right brain

The right hemisphere of the brain allows us to perceive reality, is responsible for visual-figurative thinking, the perception of artistic images, music, creative imagination, etc.

The training of the right hemisphere takes place at the moment when we listen to classical music, modeling, drawing, i.e. when engaging in any kind of creative activity, when it is necessary to operate in a holistic manner.

Any literary work (writing poetry, keeping a diary, etc.), as well as classes in dance circles and singing, has a good influence on the development of the abilities of the right hemisphere of the brain.

There is also a special technique for training the right hemisphere. For training, you need privacy, quiet and peaceful atmosphere, with the absence of any extraneous noise. Take a comfortable and relaxed posture, close your eyes. Mentally draw pictures that reflect your understanding of the beauty of the world. The duration of such training is from 5 minutes to an hour. If during the training in the room you can barely hear classical music or the sounds of nature, then its effectiveness will increase.

How to develop the left brain

As we have said, the left brain is responsible for logical thinking and mathematical skills. For its development, psychophysiologists recommend solving various mathematical and logical problems as often as possible.

In addition to solving problems, do crossword puzzles. In the process of solving them, we argue, i.e. We act analytically, not intuitively. Therefore, solving crosswords, we train our left hemisphere of the brain.

As you know, the right half of our body is controlled by the left hemisphere of the brain. Therefore, intensively training the muscles of the right half of the body, we develop the left hemisphere of the brain.

Now you know how to develop brain abilities. As you can see, this is nothing complicated and difficult. The main thing to do this systematically and very soon you will notice that memory has improved, logical thinking has increased, intuition has developed!

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