How to disable the video card?

In the world of modern technology, developers of motherboards for desktop computers began to actively practice the integrated video card. This is convenient, but for those who use a computer, not “straining” with its graphics, 3D, other video effects that are used when editing videos, and so on. In those cases where the quality of work directly depends on the level of the video card, you need to install a more powerful video card.

How to disable the built-in or discrete graphics card

The integrated video card (also called integrated) is embedded into the motherboard by the developers, it is not removed. Discrete - this is the map that used to be called external, it can be removed and replaced with another one. Such cards are much more powerful and productive.

You can disable integrated or discrete video cards through the “Device Manager” menu in the operating system. To enter this menu, there are several ways.

  1. Place the mouse cursor on the “My Computer” shortcut on the desktop and right-click on the menu where we select the “Control” tab.Before us opens a separate window "Computer Management", where in the left block we see the tab "Device Manager", and choose it.
  2. Let's go to the “START” menu, then in the right window select the “Control Panel” tab. If we don’t have many icons, then we’ll select the “small icons” tab on the top and we’ll see more shortcuts in front of us, including the Device Manager menu. Now you can see the full list of devices installed on your computer. We are interested in the “Video adapters” tab, it is here that we will carry out manipulations with video cards, that is, enable / disable them.

On the video card that we decided to disable, we move the mouse cursor, right-click the service menu and click on the “Disable” tab. If we want to switch from a built-in video card to a discrete one, then we need to start the computer with the built-in video card turned on and turn it off as described above. Then we turn off the computer, connect the monitor to a new video card and start the computer in the usual way. We install drivers, and now everything works on a new video card.

How to disable the video card on a laptop through the BIOS

You can enter the BIOS while rebooting the laptop by pressing "F2" or "Del". In BIOS, select the appropriate tab, which is not always called the same. Most often the tab is called "Onboard" or "Integrated video". Two options will appear, select Disable.

How to disable a video card using SLI or CrossFire technology

SLI and CrossFire are not video card types, but motherboard technology, the purpose of which is to expand the capabilities of already installed video cards. You can enable both video cards using their resources in full. But here it is important to understand that this applies to those motherboards that have this technology provided.

The video card is turned on and off through a special utility that is installed with the video card drivers. You can find out whether it is enabled or not in the game itself or in a program that has indicators. You can also enable / disable the second video card through the “Device Manager”. The execution of this process is fully described above.

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