How to draw a chicken?

Olga Izvekova
Olga Izvekova
April 5, 2013
How to draw a chicken?

Chicken is one of the most beloved heroes of cartoon films and children's books. In addition, the chicken is one of the symbols of Easter. Therefore, it is always very pleasant to draw these cute fluffy cubs. But how to draw a chicken?

Let's first try to draw a simple cartoon chicken - funny and very cute. Here it is.

  • We draw an oval, so that it would be slightly inclined horizontally - the upper part of the oval will be the head of a chicken, and the lower part will be a tail.
  • At the top of the oval draw two points - the eyes and beak.
  • In the lower part we draw the wing. You can draw it with a single curved line or make it look fluffy like in the picture.
  • Since the chicken is covered with fluffy feathers, we draw the chicken some feathers - on the top of the head and, of course, we draw a tail for it in three lines.
  • Now it's time to draw paws. Please note that birds have powerful legs, so they should be approximately? from the whole body height. In the middle of the lower arc of the oval draw a pair of legs
  • Now we can only paint the baby.

And now let's try to draw a more realistic chicken. How to draw a chicken in stages:

  • We begin to draw a chicken with the fact that we denote the contours of his body. This is an oval for the lower body and a smaller circle for the head. We plot the sloped line of the beak and schematically outline the legs.
  • We draw the baby beak and draw the forehead. Next, we smooth the transition lines between the oval and the circle on the back, making the chicken realistic. Do not forget that the chicken is in fluff, so we make it a bit dampened, drawing wavy lines. We finish the baby a small tail, tummy. At this stage, in more detail we draw the paws with three forward looking fingers and one smaller rear finger. On the fingers we draw claws.
  • We draw the eyes of the chicken, add the nostrils on the beak and lightly outline the down on the head. Then we finish the chest - remember that the baby is caged here, so the breast should be big. The lower part of the head is outlined by a wavy line. And on the body of the chicken draw a wing. Draw the claws on the paws.
  • We remove all the extra lines. Your chicken is ready.It remains only to paint it in yellow!

We told you how to draw a chicken. Using these basic methods, you can draw your unique fluffy baby.

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