How to draw a cow?

Kristina Firsova
Kristina Firsova
March 13, 2013
How to draw a cow?

Drawing animals is not very easy. It is necessary to take into account all the details, to notice the smallest details, not to be mistaken in any element. But not so serious as it might seem at first glance. Some animals are very easy to portray, for example, a cow. How to draw a cow? In order to get a real cow or her cartoon version, you can use several methods. Among them is the easiest one. The cow will turn out cheerful, as in the animated film "Prostokvashino". In order for a cow to turn out as close as possible to a cow, you need to draw it gradually. Let's talk about how to draw a cow in stages. We will draw a cartoon cow.

  • First you need to prepare a pencil and a sheet of paper. You need to start with the head, or rather, with the ear. Draw a half-oval, it will be an ear. Then you need to hold the line up a bit to get a horn. Just draw a line from the ear, making a triangular horn.
  • Now draw a line denoting the upper part of the cow's head, to the place where the second horn will be.Draw it the same way as the first horn. Then you need to paint the second ear. In order for the lines to turn out smooth, you need to work with a pencil, without taking your hands off a sheet of paper.
  • When there is the top of the head, you need to portray the rest of the face. It is oblong, it can be said oval. Draw it with one hand movement. When the muzzle is ready, embellish the ears with small half-arcs.
  • Now draw the eyes. They can be anything. The easiest way to draw a cow with a pencil, namely her eyes, is to put two parallel lines. Now draw an arc in the right corner of the muzzle. Put the nose there, in the form of two points. And make a cow smile - a funny smiley.
  • Now turn to drawing the body. Draw a large rectangle below the head, then turn it into an oval that connects with the head. The torso is ready.
  • To him draw the legs of a cow. You can draw the torso immediately with the legs, so as not to draw later.
  • At the feet, draw the hooves, you can simply sketch the very bottom of the legs with a pencil, it will look like a hoof.
  • Draw a tail with a “tassel” at the tip.
  • Draw those on the cow's torso spots - color.

That's how you can draw a cow.

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