How to draw a fixer?

Features of these animated charactersis the unusual nature of their structure. Fixiches are similar to robots, therefore hair, hands and feet at them are a little "man-made", and clothes looks like cosmonaut suits. This article describes how to draw the main characters of the cartoon: Nolik and Simka.

How to draw a fixing Nochik: step-by-step instruction

To draw Nolik, follow these steps:

  1. The shape of the head of this character is more like a square with roundedFixiclesangles. Draw this shape.
  2. Schematically draw a hairstyle of Nolik in the form of a high headdress, slightly larger than the head. Do not press on the pencil strongly, since this line will subsequently have to be erased.
  3. Draw a torso in the form of a small oval, as well as two small ovals to mark the foot.
  4. Angular lines and figures draw the "hair" of the little man. Please note that the hairstyle should look bulky.
  5. Proceed to draw facial features. Eyebrows are portrayed as ovals, eyes - of medium size and round, do not forget to draw pupils.
  6. Draw a character's characteristic nose, and designate an arch with an arcuate line.
  7. Connect the head to the trunk, draw the legs and arms of Nolik. Hands of heroes "Fixikov" five-fingered.
  8. Detail the picture, draw arcs of the sleeve and pants of the overalls. And on your chest, draw a circle with the sign of the fixings inside.
  9. Erase excess lines, paint the picture in different shades of blue.

The picture is ready, start drawing sister Nolik - Simku.

How to draw a fixing Simku: step by step instruction

Simka is drawn this way:Fixicles

  1. Simka's face is an unfinished oval. You can draw an oval in its entirety, and somewhere from its middle you can start drawing a hairstyle of a heroine.
  2. Draw a curved arc in the middle of the oval, thenfrom above draw a semblance of a crown. The lateral strands are represented like a parallelepiped, and the top is formed by waves. On the back of the head, "hair" is collected in a kind of tail, depict it with a dentate line.
  3. Draw the character's face: round eyes, oval eyebrows, arches of the nose and mouth.
  4. Draw a neck, shoulders and sleeves of a suit in length ¾ of the length of the arm.
  5. Draw hands and brushes in gloves; feet and boots.
  6. Detail the suit, draw a belt and pockets on the trousers. After that, erase unnecessary and unsuccessful strokes.
  7. Color the picture in orange tones.

The drawing is finished.

A lot of ideas for drawing and detailed instructions you can find in our articles Drawing.

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