How to fill tartlets?

Constantine the Great
Constantine the Great
July 14, 2011
How to fill tartlets?

Tartlets are baskets of unleavened or shortbread dough, which are used with pleasure for snacks by the organizers of large banquets, and the mistresses of small parties. Than to fill tartlets, the organizers themselves decide, focusing on their tastes or preferences of the guests.

If you have to organize a party or picnic, where it is assumed that people will spend a lot of time on their feet, snacks and salads will be very convenient to serve in tartlets. It is convenient to hold them in hand, they do not get dirty and can complement the taste of the salad.

How to fill tartlets - options

Any traditional salad can be put in tartlets for convenience or beauty, additionally decorated with olives or greens. Perfect crab salad, traditional Russian salad and just any salad that you usually cook. But the salad should be seasoned with thick sauce or mayonnaise and should not be liquid or too juicy so that the tartlets do not soak.If you are stuffing tartlets with a salad that has a lot of juice or liquid, you will have to eat them as quickly as possible.

Vegetarian snacks are a variant of how to fill tartlets if one of your guests does not eat meat or fish. It can be grated cheese, mixed with garlic and mayonnaise, you can decorate it with a slice of tomato and a sprig of greens. Beets with cheese - for this, boiled beets need to be grated on a fine grater, mixed with mayonnaise and add cheese grated on a coarse grater, mix, spread into tartlets, sprinkle with finely grated cheese on top.

Fish appetizers and seafood snacks. Remarkably combined with tuna salad tartlets. Grate 2 fresh carrots, grate 4 eggs and, if desired, add a little onion, add tuna fillet in your own juice or in oil (oil or juice), mash the tuna and mix everything thoroughly, salt and season with mayonnaise and arrange in tartlets. It is best to decorate with olives or olives, or sprinkle with grated egg yolk or cheese.

Another option for stuffing tartlets is the avocado appetizer with shrimps.Pour some mayonnaise or sauce on the bottom of the tartlets (soy sauce with mayonnaise and lemon juice, cheese sauce, thousand island dressing - experiment to your taste), then put small lettuce leaves, on top put avocado slices and shrimps fried with garlic and a pinch on them pepper. Then you can sprinkle all the lemon juice on top or add the sauce.

When the next time the guests come to you and you will think about how to fill the tartlets, follow these tips, show imagination and experiment.

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