How to find a person in contact?

Communication with colleagues, friends and relatives is a very important part of the life of any person. Losing touch with old friends is always frustrating. But instead of discouraging, you can try to find a person through the popular social network "Vkontakte". There are more than 60 million people registered on this network and there are great chances that the person you are searching for has a personal account on this site.

When registering in the social network "Vkontakte" each user fills out a form with their personal data. In the questionnaire, he usually indicates the school, university and place of work. Most fields of the questionnaire are optional. In addition to personal data, a person can post a photo on his account. Unfortunately, not all fill out the questionnaire in detail. Such people are more difficult to find and help can only photos with a familiar face.

How to find a person in the social network "Vkontakte"?

How to find a classmate or classmate "Vkontakte"

To search for a classmate, first click on the "People" button in the top bar of the page.In the search bar that appears, we write the name and surname of the wanted person. Do not ignore the fact that many register their name in various variations: Maksimka, Maksik, Maksimych, Max. This is strongly reflected in the search results. Therefore, it would be wiser to first write the name without a name Next on the right panel you need to find the button "School", "University". Clicking on any of these buttons, we see the appearance of scroll bars "Any country", "Year of release". When you select a country, a menu appears to select the region, city, district, and then the educational institutions located in it. In the menu of the school or university you need to choose your class, faculty or department. At the end choose the year of release. After that we study the results of your search. There is a high probability that you will see your wanted friend in the search results.

How to find a person in contact

If you could not find your friend in the obtained results, then the search should be made less detailed. Then you can view all the graduates of your school with the name of your friend.

By deleting the last name from the search box, but leaving the school, class and year of graduation in the right menu, you can see your classmates who indicated in the questionnaires the class in which they studied. If you are looking for a classmate, then think about whether she did not marry, becauseMany girls do not leave the maiden name on your account.

How "Vkontakte" find a friend at the address of residence

If you have information about where your friend lives, use the "Places" button on the right pane. In this submenu you need to select a country, city, street, house number and apartment. The problem is that the addresses in their profiles indicates less than 30% of users. Remembering the exact year of birth of a friend, you can try to find him, indicating the date of birth and the city in which he lives.

How to find a colleague "Vkontakte"

In order to find an army comrade, you need to go to the submenu "Military Service". There will also have to specify the country, military unit and the years of your service.

How to find “Vkontakte” person at work

To search for a colleague or a former employee of your company, go to the “Work” submenu and indicate in the appropriate fields the name of the organization and the position of the wanted person.

How else to find a person "Vkontakte"

Perhaps you never found a person at his place of education, work, military service or residence. Then there is the last option! We need to remember people with whom the wanted person can communicate in a social network. Browse through the pages of these people for listings with friends.It is likely that you will recognize a friend you have been searching for so long by his photo or name.

If you are lucky, and after a long search, you will find your friend, be sure to add him as a friend, using the option "Add as friend", and write him a small message.

Appreciate communication and never lose your true friends!

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