How to flash shoes?

Vyacheslav Kim
Vyacheslav Kim
January 26, 2015
How to flash shoes?

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How to flash shoes?

Have you ever given your new shoes for repair, because her sole has come off? And waiting for almost two weeks shyly pressing her legs in old worn sneakers under the seat of an office chair, when will they fix it? Yes, pleasant enough. Although it is possible to resolve the issue without assistance for two hours - just sew the sole with a hook.

Tools and preparatory work

To repair shoes you will need:

  • Sandpaper;
  • Nylon thread;
  • Shoe knife;
  • Clay and acetone;
  • Hook.

First, make an incision with a shoe knife in the middle of the edge of the sole with a depth of 2-3 mm. Next, we clean the peeling off places with sandpaper and treat with acetone. Apply a not very thick layer of glue and give it a few minutes to dry. We put the sole on the old place, slightly pressing.

How to sew shoes crochet: instructions

  • We stick the hook into the cut from the side of the heel and pierce the edge of the shoe so that it comes out from the front.
  • We take a thread 4.5 times longer than the silhouette of the sole and divide it into three parts, making a loop.
  • Throw the loop on the hook and pull out 1/3 of the thread from the notch side.
  • We make the next puncture from the side of the incision in 5-7 mm and draw a small loop from the thread that remains on the front side of the boot with a hook.
  • Pass the short end of the thread through the loop and tighten the loop so that the bottom stitch is completely hidden in the slot.

Thus, we sew the entire edge of the sole, and at the last stitch instead of a loop, we pull out the entire thread and tie it to the other end, hiding the knot in the notch.

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