How to gently call a man?

“A kind word and a cat are nice,” says a famous proverb. To a person who is different from an animal by a high level of emotional organization, weasel is doubly pleasant. It is believed that only women like tenderness. Meanwhile, men, no matter how harsh they may be, also melt away from diminutive-petting names. So how do you call a loved one so that he, like a cat, purrs with pleasure? Let's talk more about how to gently name a man.

Derived from Names

Psychologists have long noticed that a proper name is the sweet sound in the ears of any person. However, the full name always sounds too official: Boris, Dmitry, Sergey. Therefore, in the circle of friends and in the family, Boris turns into Boria, Dmitry becomes Dima, and Sergey becomes Seryoi or Sergei. Meanwhile, a loving woman can experiment with derivatives from ordinary names and come up with something tender and tender for her chosen one. For example, Borya can become Boryushka, Boryunchik, Borisushka; Dima can be turned into Dimonchik, Dima, or Dimasika.Serezha will be satisfied if he is called Seryenka, Seryazhechka or Seryenky.

Diminutive words

Despite the completely innocent sound, such lovely nicknames do not always cause the desired response in the soul of a man. Many do not tolerate comparisons with infantile creatures, therefore, calling your beloved “baby” or “baby”, you should be prepared for the fact that such a name is not always to his taste. If he is not tall or has a belly, such nicknames can cause him a very negative reaction. Words like “lapusik”, “sun” or “my joy” sound more neutral because they do not imply any comparison.

You can learn more about cute names for your loved one from our article How to affectionately name a loved one.

"Animals" nicknames

Kitty, bunny, lion cub - all these lovely nicknames are a confirmation of your sweet attitude to your beloved. However, when choosing an animal should be extremely careful. It is unlikely that your beloved will happily accept an appeal to him if you call him "a little foal", "a little sheep" or "a puppy".No matter how cute these animals are, the association with them is always negative: the donkey is stubborn, the ram is stupid, and the puppy, like a rug, lies at the feet. This comparison does not like anyone, so take the choice of "animals" nicknames with the utmost attention.

You should not also call a man a beast that can cause a comparison with him. For example, your loved one has crooked or too large teeth, and he is experiencing complexes about this. Calling him "bunny" or "rabbit", you once again remind him of his defect. Does a man have plump cheeks? It is better not to contact him "my hamster", since this will be a direct indication of his round face. Refrain from words like "my baby elephant" or "Hippo", because here there is a clear hint at the extra weight of your chosen one. Only a man with a good sense of humor and sufficient self-confidence is able to laugh at himself and at the same time at the nickname that you invented for him. In other cases, it is better not to risk such appeals.

And another thing: remember that for gentle names there is a place and a time, so do not try to call him a "cat" in front of his boss or on the speakerphone when he is in a meeting. Of course, it’s better for friends to refrain from diminutive names.Let it be your little family secret.

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