How to get rid of mice?

If there are mice in your house, you must immediately get rid of them. Rodents are active carriers of numerous diseases, some of which are deadly to human health. Appearing individuals will soon begin to multiply in incredible quantities, after which it will be much more difficult to fight them. Therefore, if these uninvited guests are noticed in the house or apartment, the owners need to take urgent measures to eliminate them. This article will tell you in detail how to get rid of mice.

Getting rid of mice by yourself

Traditionally in our country, people get rid of such misfortunes themselves, rarely resorting to the help of professionals, the sanitary-epidemiological service. First you need to determine the place where the mouse penetrates into the housing. If at first glance it is not possible to do this, then it remains to use the simplest and most effective way - scattering flour or talc on the floor overnight, then by the morning the place of penetration will become clear.

After you have figured out the way of the mice, you can safely choose and set up various traps. For example, the usual mousetrap.In this case, the success of the case will depend directly on how many mice visited your home. Against too many rodents, this method is ineffective.

Filling options most suitable for mousetraps:

  • bread soaked in vegetable oil;
  • lard or bacon (raw);
  • oatmeal with vegetable oil;
  • peanut.

This way of catching mice is reliable, cheap and safe enough for people and pets.

The respectable owner, of course, wants to get rid of mice at home, and will feel great relief as a result of success, but the process described above, I must say, is unpleasant. For fans of the humane attitude towards animals, special humane mousetraps have been developed - they catch the mouse, but they do not damage it. Having entered such a mousetrap, the little gray guest will not be able to get out of it. Letting the captured mouse go is better away from home so that it cannot return (recommended distance is 150 meters).

Another reliable option for getting rid of mice is a special glue. It can be applied to any tray, putting the bait in the middle. The glue will firmly hold the mouse until it is detected.On one such tray you can catch several individuals at once.

Better protection against rodents than a cat has not yet been invented. One feline smell will scare away these ubiquitous animals. But in the twenty-first century, too many people suffer from various types of allergies, so this option is not for everyone.

We call on the help of professionals

Professional fight with mice is carried out in several stages:

  • first, experts conduct a housing survey,
  • identify the possible causes of rodents,
  • select a comprehensive solution for the destruction of pests
  • maintain strict control over the effectiveness of the work,
  • if necessary, carry out the correction of all activities
  • Finally, maintenance work is carried out.

Experts, as a rule, use chemical poisonous substances to kill rodents. To achieve higher performance, several types of poison are used at once. Professional disinfestation reliably relieve your housing from rodents. If you decide to use poisons yourself, in this case, especially carefully make sure that the poison is not available to any children or pet.

Often, in addition to normal mice, their flying cousins ​​also drop in our homes. But bats are quite harmless, and some species are listed in the red book. Therefore, if you need to make a decision on how to get rid of ordinary bats and rodents without harming them, then you can consider a way to deal with ultrasound. It is an effective method and absolutely harmless to people and animals. To date, there are various ultrasonic devices for these purposes. For bats, the device is located in their habitat, for example, somewhere under the roof or in the attic, and for ordinary mice at the floor level.

Folk councils

In addition to the above methods for the destruction of mice, there are folk recipes.

To prevent this problem, people living in their home should be left open at the house, and not filled up with their logs and various structures. Mice will not fit such a house - in the open space they will feel in danger.

Along the perimeter of the house you need to plant ordinary mint. It turns out that rodents do not tolerate the mint smell.

If you find a mink or a hole in the floor through which the mouse enters the house, put a rag generously soaked in liquid ammonia or vinegar at the entrance.Mice do not tolerate sharp odors, they will move away from your home.

In conclusion, we will give advice on how to get rid of the smell of mice. After all the mice have been removed, there is an unpleasant smell, you can get rid of it by spreading out various sachets with your favorite fragrances on the cabinets.

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