How to increase the jump?

To increase the height of the vertical jump, you need to regularly perform a set of special exercises that are designed specifically for basketball players.

For many sports, you need to be able to jump high, but how to increase the jump? The most important is the jump, as an element in volleyball, handball and basketball. The success of such games depends on the height of the jump, therefore, it is important to perform special jumping complexes of exercises.

The presented complex for how to increase the height of the jump was developed by a basketball player who reached the height of a vertical jump - 98 centimeters. This complex will help increase the height of the vertical jump, but it will also be suitable for increasing the long jump.


For a start, you need to warm up, for this, suitable jumps on a rope of 2-5 minutes, running on the spot or jogging. Now that you are well warmed up, let's start stretching. Knead all joints, tendons and muscles to avoid injury. Now, you can proceed to the exercises themselves.

High jumps on one leg

It is necessary to jump in height on one leg, as high as possible. For greater effect, after the jump, try to press your leg to your chest. Perform 5 repetitions of 10 jumps. With this exercise, the leg muscles, the muscles of the lower press work, which improve the run jump.


From full squat we jump forward, we try to jump as far as possible. Do 4 repetitions of 15 jumps.


We perform accelerations by 30 meters - 15 times, or by 50 meters - 10 times. Between accelerations - rest no more than 30 seconds.

Jumping on one leg due to the calf

The main thing in this exercise is speed. We try to perform jumps as fast as possible, the height of the jump is about 5-10 centimeters. First, we jump one minute on one leg, then, we change our foot, and we jump for another minute, then we jump on two legs, also one minute.

High jump on the spot

During the jump, it is necessary to press both legs to the chest. Run 80 jumps. You can do up to four repetitions.

The wall with the ball

We take a volleyball or basketball, put it behind his back and lean against the machine. Squat so that the legs are bent at the knee at an angle of 90 degrees, and the hips are parallel to the floor.In this position we are 10 minutes. You can repeat this exercise no more than 5 times.

This complex must be performed 4 times a week, every week, increasing the load by 10%. After 3-4 months of such training, you will have a great shape, powerful legs, and, most importantly, the height of the high jump and in length will increase.

In addition, there are other complexes in order to understand how to increase the leap in basketball. Let's take another set of exercises. With it, you can increase the height of the jump by 15-25 centimeters. The training course is 12 weeks. Best of all, perform it 5 times a week. In addition to training, you will need to eat right, and do not forget about a full sleep.

Warming up

Within a few minutes, jump with a rope or run on the spot.


You need to stretch all the muscle groups that are involved in the jump complex. Spawn can be stretched exercises like step-ups. To do this, put one foot on the ladder or another small elevation, and try to reach the heel to the floor, after that, we do the same exercise with the other leg.Stretch popliteal muscles with simple bends.

High jump

Starting position: feet shoulder width, jump up as high as possible. Down, squat a quarter, and, again, jump up. The main thing is to perform this exercise very quickly. It is also important to ensure that the calf is not strained, but the front thigh muscle. Between approaches a break of 3-4 minutes.


We become so that the heels do not reach the floor, you can take a thick book, or use the stairs. We rise on one leg as high as possible, straining only the calf. Then, change your leg. It is important not to bend the knees, so that the maximum load is on the calves. Before the approaches - a break of 20-30 seconds.


One foot on the dais, and the supporting one pushes his foot up. In the air, changing the leg. Rest a few minutes between the approaches.

Jumping on the socks

We stand on the floor, on straight legs we jump up, straining only the muscles of the calf, and as high as possible. The faster you push off the ground, the better. Legs do not bend at the knee. Rest between sets for one minute.

Burning out

We stand on straight legs and do jumps, also straining only the muscles of the calf.Each jump should be 1-3 centimeters high, we try to do the exercises as quickly as possible. This exercise is called burning, because with him, in the calves, a burning sensation is felt.


Now, you need to perform a relaxing stretch, and finish on this workout.

Now, you know two sets of exercises that will help you understand how to increase the height of a jump.

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