How to install a monument?

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How to install a monument?

In specialized stores for the sale of granite monuments there are often brigades that, for a fee, will be able to erect a monument on the grave. But sometimes you can do on their own. How to install a monument with your own hands - you will learn from our article.

We install the monument yourself

It is recommended to establish a monument in a warm season. It is advisable to make the installation a year after burial, so that the soil has time to settle.

To install the monument will require the work of 3-4 people.

Necessary tools and materials

  • 4 bags of sand;
  • 3 bags of rubble;
  • 1 bag of cement or concrete mix;
  • adhesive mixture;
  • steel pipes with a diameter of 30 millimeters - 6 pieces;
  • boards;
  • shovel;
  • bucket with a capacity of at least 10 liters;
  • a hammer;
  • building level;
  • roulette;
  • Master OK;
  • if possible, bring water with you, as there is not always a place in the cemetery where you can collect it.

Step-by-step installation of the monument

  1. Before the start of the main works, it is necessary to clear the place: remove the temporary frames, crosses, remove the top layer of soil, level the surface.
  2. Make a visual layout of the location of the monument.Drive around pegs along the perimeter.
  3. Next, you need to dig a trench under the curbs and pipes. It is necessary to dig out across the grave, then lay 2 pipes. In order for the pipes to hold the headstone securely, you can fix them with concrete.
  4. Then you need to align the site under the monument.MonumentThe walls and bottom must be sealed so that curbs can be installed.
  5. Next, prepare the concrete or cement mortar.
  6. At the bottom of the trench is necessary to pour and tamp sand. Top lay a layer of rubble.
  7. Next, fill the trench with the prepared mixture of concrete or cement. Before the surface of the ground should be places about 10 centimeters.
  8. In order to avoid failure of the ground because of the weight of the monument, it is recommended to install 2 pipes before installing the granite slab. Also, the pipes are stacked under the flower bed.
  9. For reliability, fill the pipes with concrete.
  10. Place a layer of sand on the leveled area and level the surface.
  11. Then lightly moisten the sand and tamp.
  12. Start laying tiles from the outside edges towards the center. Place under the flower bed leave empty. Make sure the tile is laid tightly to each other.
  13. Prepare a mixture of sand and cement and fill it with tile seams.
  14. The flower bed must be mounted on top of the laid tile. Mark the borders of the flower bed and attach the flower bed to the surface with the cement mixture.
  15. Half an hour after installing the flower bed, rub the seams and remove any irregularities.
  16. Fill the hole for granite tiles with cement mortar.
  17. Before installing the slab, place wooden blocks under it.
  18. Then place the plate on the stand.
  19. Next, lift the stove with one hand and remove the bar. The same with the second side.
  20. With the help of the construction level, estimate the flatness of the installation: the memorial monument should stand strictly vertically, symmetrically to the flower garden.
  21. Shred protruding seams.
  22. The monument is installed, it is now necessary to begin landscaping the flower garden. It is recommended to use live plants for landscaping.

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Flower Gardening Tips

  • Flower arrangements should evoke feelings of peace and tranquility. Therefore, we do not recommend choosing too bright flowers. Make sure that the flowers are combined with the memorial complex;
  • It is recommended to stop the choice on unpretentious bushes or flowers.This is due to the fact that they will be located in conditions of a lack of fertile soil;
  • Choose perennial plants that are adapted to frost, lack of sun and drought;
  • In order to take less effort to work with flowers, choose plants that grow slowly;
  • A good option for landscaping graves are plants that cover the ground with a solid carpet.

Decoration of the monument

In memorial salons you can order artistically decorated monuments.

  • Portrait engraving. Artists transfer the image from the photo to the stone. Give preference to experienced professionals, because the similarity of the portrait should be as accurate as possible;
  • Drawing the text. In addition to writing the name and date of birth and death, you can order a memorable inscription (example: "You died, but not from the heart", "Your memory will remain forever in our hearts," etc.);
  • Drawing various elements, for example, icons, pictures, crosses, etc .;
  • Decorative ornaments in the form of elements (numerals, letters, signs) made from various artificial and natural materials (stone, iron, bronze, etc.).

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