How to jump rope?

How to learn to jump rope and why? Many still believe that jumping rope is just the fun of little girls and schoolgirls. And in vain! In the article we show that this is a fallacy. You will understand - jumping rope - a great physical exercise that solves several problems at once. And, of course, you will learn how to jump rope correctly.

Jumping rope or skipping (from the English. Skipping - jumping, jumping) brings great benefits to our health.

Firstly, with such jumps, a large part of the body’s muscles is involved, including the back muscles.

Secondly, with the help of skipping, the endurance of the body is significantly increased.

Thirdly, jumping rope has an extremely beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system (just do not forget about the measure!).

Fourth, and for many (especially for women) - this is the most important point - with the help of skipping, you can get rid of excess weight.

Right jump rope: stages

  1. Jumping without a rope on the toes. Try to take your feet off the floor by 1-2 cm.At the same time, it is forbidden to land at full foot - only on socks! Need to achieve a rhythm of about 100 movements per minute.
  2. Take both handles of the rope in one hand and perform brush movements as if you are jumping. Get the same frequency of performance - about a hundred rotations per minute.
  3. At this stage we learn to combine jumps and spins, while not jumping directly over the rope, but only making jumps on toes with simultaneous wrist movements, as described in paragraphs 1 and 2.
  4. Now take the rope in both hands and rotate, jumping over it. If you can’t take the same pace right away, it doesn’t matter. You can reduce the pace to 70-80 beats per minute and then gradually increase it. So, after a couple of days you will already understand how to jump rope free and easy.

Now let's talk a little about several types of jumps.

Jumping rope: the main types

  1. Jumping on one leg. These alternate jumps (alternately 2 times on the right and left leg) will significantly improve your coordination, and will also keep your calf muscles in good shape.
  2. Jumps with high knees. These jumps allow you to increase both the overall load and the load on the abdominal and quadriceps muscles.
  3. Jumping with crossed legs will significantly improve your coordination.
  4. Finally, the most difficult type is double jumps. The technique is to have time to twist the jump rope twice during the jump. Therefore, the jump must be quite high. This type of jumping is perfect for increasing endurance, and also involves all muscle groups, including facial muscles - almost the same load as when running.

How to choose a rope

There is one simple rule - the shorter the jump rope, the more jumps you make in a certain period of time. Pick up the rope so that it is neither long nor short, since the long rope will constantly get tangled and the short rope will touch the head.

Lose Weight with a Skipping Rope

And finally, how to lose weight by jumping rope. Here the technique is very simple. Start small and gradually increase the number and frequency of jumps. Take a few approaches with the rest in between. Ideally, if you achieve a daily cycle of 3 sets of 7-10 minutes with a five-minute rest. This simple and pleasant exercise will easily save you from excess weight and will not allow it to appear again. In the process of performing approaches with improved skills, you can change the types of jumps and vary the pace - this is also very useful. Now you know how to jump rope with the maximum benefit for the body.

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