How to knit rugs?

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How to knit rugs?

Today, interior items, made in his own hand or in vintage style, are considered incredibly fashionable. Therefore, if you learn, for example, to knit rugs, you will not only be able to make some nice little thing with your own hands, but also decorate your own house with a fashion accessory.

Rug of rags

These rugs are also called grandmothers, because usually grandmothers used to crochet similar round rugs made from unnecessary rags. Knitting of such a rug occurs according to a rather clear scheme and without using any super-complex technologies:

  1. The first thing to do is to prepare the material for a future cloth rug. To do this, we cut unnecessary things into strips about 3 centimeters wide. All obtained patches are tied sequentially into one long rope and we wind it into a ball. The sequence of colors and materials in the coil can be completely arbitrary. For work, choose a hook that will be twice the thickness of the resulting thread.
  2. Starting directly to knitting, we make a loop at the end of our thread, and from it we already knit 6 air loops.
  3. The resulting loops are connected in a circle with the help of a semi-column.
  4. Now we knit one air loop to climb the next row and knit a circle with crochets. We make one air loop for lifting at the beginning of each row, and finish the rows with a semi-column connection, then the rug will be even.
  5. The next row is knitted into each loop by two columns without single crochet.
  6. Now we divide the circle into 6 parts and add 1 crochet to the last loop of each of the parts.
  7. Next, alternate steps 5 and 6 of this manual to the end of the product.

Having done all the above steps, you get a round rug of rags. Its size depends on your own wishes. The most important thing is to try to knit evenly and gently. Keep in mind that if initially you had a lot of fabric of different colors, from which you made scraps, then the rug will turn out to be quite variegated. At the same time, you can easily tie a plain rug or choose fabrics so that they are in perfect harmony with each other. One more instruction on knitting rugs crochet you can find in our article - How to crochet a rug.

In addition to the presented option, rugs can be knitted not only with a hook, but also on knitting needles. To do this, you can take one of the schemes, or simply limit yourself to the most basic knitting techniques, such as alternating rows of facial and back loops or elastic.

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