How to live easy?

Each of us knows firsthand what despair, hopelessness, sadness are. All of us at least once, unfortunately, got into this situation. It seems that our existence does not have the slightest sense and depression begins. Apathy towards the world appears, there is no desire even to move or to say something. Such a state is never a gift. It, in any case, adversely affects the health and nervous system. Who needs it if there is a way out ?! And he is - just enough to know how to live is easy.

Attitude to the problem

Do you know at least one person who treats his difficulties and problems quite easily? He is always cheerful, cheerful and energetic. Do you think this is a gift given to him from birth? Maybe. But one should not think that it is impossible to intentionally become an optimist. Learning to truly enjoy yourself is also not easy. Most importantly, realize that it is your choice. It is you who want to keep calm in any situation, it is necessary for you, and not for someone else. Learn to distance yourself from problems, because we live once, and we have a catastrophic lack of time for true happiness, which gives us the ease of being.

So, how do we get away from negative thoughts? But how - always look for reasons and a reason to rejoice. In fact, there are many such occasions: we breathe fresh air, we see natural phenomena, we hear wonderful musical sounds, we live! Listen to an intelligent man, the Dalai Lama, who said that every problem is solvable, and if it is solvable, then there is no need to worry about it. If the problem is completely insoluble, then what's the point of worrying about it? Sometimes you need to be able to distance yourself from an excessive sense of responsibility and just let everything go to chance. Smile of life, and she will answer you the same.

Don't worry

Try to develop a sense of humor, because laughter is our defense against any troubles and hardships. Laugh at the problem, and it will cease to seem so serious to you.

Take care of yourself, you are not a trashcan, so do not let your head litter: feelings, resentment, anger, fear, disappointment, vain expectations. When you take everything close to your heart, you are blocking the entrance of positive energy to yourself, you are pushing away favorable changes from yourself.Free yourself from this garbage and realize that life has become easier.

Light style

Living in the style of light does not mean at all that you are obliged to do fasting days or count calories eaten. This style means ease, rejection of unnecessary experiences, pure thinking. Lightness is dreams, joys, pleasant surprises, various pleasures. This smiles from strangers, walking barefoot through the city at night, talking under the stars, colorful windows.

Such a life is like a fairy tale. Is it easy to live in our modern world? No, just like at any time. But, despite this, let's be happy, dreamy, even flimsy and ironic. Dare straight to your fears and failures, then they no longer dare to scare or upset you. Read more humorous books, watch comedy films, get together with friends and just have fun. Otherwise, what is the point of our stay on this earth?

Count to ten

At that moment, when you feel that you are about to “explode”, try simply to distance yourself from everything and look at yourself and the whole situation as a whole, as if from the viewer's part. Fix your attention, for example, on the interlocutor's jewelryon a chief's tie or at another point that you enjoy.

Count to ten and take a deep breath. It should be easier. If it does not help, imagine you are sailing on a boat. You alone, you inhale the morning scent of the river, the water is clear, there is a small fog on it. It seems to you that you hear not only the singing of birds, but also the way dewdrops flow from bright green young leaves of grass. Only you see and feel this beauty. This is only your place, only you can hide in it.

Remember the happy events of your life. Think about what is coming soon vacation, a trip to the sea or the winter holidays, New Year, Christmas dinner. Think about what is worthy of you, and not about what is clogging your brain. Always remember that no matter what problem arises, no matter how terrible it may seem, after a week you practically forget about it, in a month it will no longer seem to be a problem to you, and in a year ... you will laugh at it. Be happy, live easy and simple!

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