How to love your girlfriend?

Most often, the first relationship is created on a very sincere feelings. Actually, the first love seizes the mind not only girls but also guys, summing them up to very stupid acts. And really, the guy at first does not really understand how to behave with the chosen one, so that she would believe in his feelings and see how important this relationship is for him. Therefore, in this article we will describe in detail how to love your girlfriend, and what are the most common mistakes.

Manifestation of feelings

So often we hear from guys the similar phrase: “How I love my girlfriend ...”. And really how? After all, a continuation of the phrase follows after this: “... but she does not appreciate it or not notice.” Well, let’s give a few basic points that can convince the chosen one of the sincerity of the partner’s feelings:

  • "I love you". As it is not surprising, girls love ears, and so it was at all times. It is very important not only to show your humor and intellectual abilities, but also to express your feelings. After all, the words "I love you" will never be redundant.
  • Compliments.Speaking of how to affectionately call your girlfriend, you do not need to be original, because everything will sound especially from a loving person. For example, from the usual words "favorite" or "native" girl will melt. It is also important to strew the girl with compliments so that she feels like a princess.
  • Gifts. Answering the question of how to make your girlfriend nice, gifts will always be appropriate. Each of them should reflect your love for the chosen one, she will certainly appreciate it.
  • Joint business. It is very important to do something together, to be interested in each other’s life and offer our help. This, above all, will show the girl that you can rely on, and you will always be there to avoid it.
  • Understanding. Speaking about how to understand your girlfriend, you should take an interest in her, and she will tell everything herself. At the same time, it is worthwhile to diversify her life with various walks, thus taking care of her.

Major mistakes

Errors occur in the case when the guys do not quite understand the meaning of the above points. So, analyze them in detail:

  • The phrase "I love you" should not be frequent, so as not to become a substitute for the usual greeting.
  • Compliments should be appropriate, for example, if a girl came on a date it is worth saying how she looks great, because she really tried to make an impression. If the guy came to the darling in the morning, and she is not collected, the phrase “you look so beautiful” will sound like flattery, so you need to say that you have been bored and are very happy to see her.
  • As for gifts, in the first stages they should not be expensive, because the girl will think that you want to buy her love and accepting it will feel awkward. In this case, gifts in the form of photos, hearts, candy and flowers are perfect.
  • Joint business should be in moderation, otherwise you will start to bother each other. Moreover, the girl will think that you want to control her life or you consider her as a helpless child.
  • Fully taking the side of the girl, you can not only begin to live her life, but the girl may think that you are too similar and do not fit each other. Therefore, its own and its interests should be a little delimited, because you are still different and you may have different views on the situation.
  • Walking also should not be too frequent, otherwise the girl will thinkthat you don’t want to do anything other than fun, and first of all it’s important to realize that you have goals and time for their achievement.
  • A special place is reserved for criticism, it may be appropriate after long years of relations and at the same time is aimed at good intentions. At the first stage, you should not do this, because you will grow from a loved one into an older brother.

Now you know how to show your love to a girl and not make a mistake, which can lead to separation. Be always gentle and attentive.

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