How to lower a person?

Alena Mikhailova
Alena Mikhailova
December 19, 2014
How to lower a person?

Resentment and insult are not quickly forgotten, and sometimes the only way to find peace of mind is to avenge a person for all the evil that he caused. It is necessary to do this in public, then he will long depart from his shame. Below you can find out how to lower a person.

How can I lower a person

There are many ways to humiliate a person, so you can think of very sophisticated things. It is only necessary to give free rein to your imagination and act, then you will be able to calm your wounded ego.

How to omit words

To humiliate a person with words is quite simple, because each has its own drawbacks and complexes. Often emphasize them publicly, then the offender will eschew you, and his self-esteem will drop significantly.

Express all the offender in the face, tell me what you think about him. It must be done with all honest people, it will at least be unpleasant, and at the most it will avoid not only your society, but those whom you humiliated it to.

You can omit a person with humor. You can constantly poke fun at him and his faults.For example, the abuser has a big nose - give him the nickname Pinocchio or Pinocchio, his big teeth - call him a rat or a rabbit. There are many options, so you need to look at the situation.

How to lower a guy

If you need to hurt for a living representative of the stronger sex, then you should focus on the fact that he has nothing from the man. Tell him that he is untenable, effeminate and uninteresting. Add that women laugh at his manhood and give him the nickname “null”, since in bed he is a complete zero. You can also hint that he does not look natural.

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