How to send a file by mail?

With the development of new technologies, many people have already forgotten about the existence of pens and sheets of paper, they use computers. The Internet provides many opportunities not only for obtaining information and knowledge, but also for quick communication. One of the ways to communicate on the Internet is the exchange of emails. Sometimes you need to attach a file to a letter - a video, a picture, an archive, etc. For beginners, we will tell you how to send the file by e-mail, because in spite of everything, many still do not understand how to do it correctly.

The process of sending a file by mail

So how do you file a file? To do this, go to your email, create a new letter and click on the "Attach file" button. A window opens, you select the desired document, click the "Open" button, and this file is inserted into the letter. After that, you need to select the recipient and click "Send". After that, the letter with the attached files will be sent to the recipient. Attached files may have different extensions, but some emails block files with the extension "exe", "bat" or "reg". However, you can try to send them, pre-compressed in ZIP format.

Features of sending files in different mails

  • In this mail, the actual maximum size of an incoming or outgoing letter is 18 megabytes. Only one file can be attached to one letter, and this is rather inconvenient. To send a large file by mail, you can use the e-Disk service, it allows you to send files up to 1.5 gigabytes in size. But there is one big minus. Such files can only be sent to @ On the e-Disk server files are stored for a maximum of a week. If you haven’t logged into your inbox for 90 days, it will block incoming emails.
  • In this email, the base size is 10 gigabytes. The largest allowable letter size is 30 megabytes (but practice shows that it is realistic to send only 22 megabytes). A huge minus Mail.Ru - a short period of existence of the mailbox. If you do not go to your mail for more than three months, then it can be blocked or even deleted. Among other things, Mail.Ru has a rather weak anti-spam filter.
  • Gmail is mail from Google. The maximum letter size is 25 MB. Gmail has a good anti-spam protection, but sometimes it does not work correctly for emails that are sent through servers of regular providers or hosters.Gmail has a very convenient time saving feature: viewing sent documents directly in a web browser. This saves a lot of time, especially when the computer is slow.
  • Yandex Mail. Many believe that at the moment this is the most convenient mail. The largest file size you can send is 30 megabytes. There is also a special service called People.Disk, with which you can send large files - up to 5 gigabytes. Here's how to send a video by e-mail Yandex, if it is too large. In Yandex, moreover, a convenient interface for downloading files. Yandex mail has a high-quality anti-spam and fast search. Like Gmail, Yandex Mail allows you to view sent files directly in a web browser.

Now you know how to send files by mail, so, for example, the question of how to send photos by e-mail will no longer be difficult.

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