How to make a sweetheart girlfriend?

Most girls love romance. After all, each of them wants to feel like a princess. Of course, for this it is not necessary to climb a white horse, the task can be handled this way with the help of various tricks and pleasant trifles. So, how to make a pleasant girlfriend?


Girls love all sorts of trinkets, cute, small souvenirs and presents. So please them. Many girls love soft toys, various key chains, bracelets, chains. It is not necessary to choose an expensive gift. He must be cute and sweet. Usually, if you listen to her conversations, you can learn a lot of interesting things. If a girlfriend really wants something, she will definitely talk about it. And if it fits into your capabilities, why not please your beloved.


How to make a nice girlfriend? The simplest is a bunch of flowers and you don’t have to buy roses. Many girls love daisies, woods or lilies of the valley.So it would not be superfluous to ask your beloved which flowers she prefers. Sometimes one field flower is enough to prevent a “storm” and make it nice for a girlfriend.


During the day, you can send pleasant sms to your girlfriend. The text should be short. Use diminutive nicknames in them (kitty, zaya, darling). It is advisable to start in the morning, wish her good morning, good night in the evening, during the day ask what you are doing and add what you are missing. For you, this is a trifle, and many girls will be pleased. You can also use e-mail. Make a photo-presentation of your joint photos and send it to her.

Words and phrases

And the most important male weapon is the words. No wonder they say that girls love with their ears, for sure there is some truth in this. The most pleasant words of his girlfriend are words of love. Just remind her more often that you love her. Just do not ignore the dignity of your partner. Tell your girlfriend that you have the most beautiful, tender and beloved. But do not overdo it. False girls feel immediately. Speaking complements beloved, watch out for words, girls take everything literally. The same applies to unrealistic promises.If you know for sure that you cannot do this, do not promise.


Surprise - this is what is not expected. For example, under her windows write a declaration of love. In the morning I got up, looked out the window, and there was a surprise. You can remove the clip-declaration of love with the participation of complete strangers. Arrange a romantic date, cook your own dinner, only preparation should be carried out in secret. Invite a favorite singer or a cool party to a concert. It all depends on the preferences of the girl, maybe she loves the theater and museums. Meet after work with a bouquet of flowers and take to the cafe. But you never know what you can think of? The main desire.

As you can see, there are a lot of tricks, you can talk to your beloved girl constantly, rarely give souvenirs and make surprises, sms-ki is also not difficult to write. But it is all these little things that prolong your relationship, make them warmer and more romantic. Well, what should you do, go on a date, buy a bar of chocolate, a bar or ice cream? It seems to be a trifle, but the girls are nice!

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