How to make a built-in wardrobe?

Alena Anisimova
Alena Anisimova
January 24, 2013
How to make a built-in wardrobe?

To rationally organize the space of an apartment is not an easy task. However, this problem will help you solve the built-in wardrobes. Such structures are mounted in niches, so they do not occupy space in the room. The only disadvantage of this design is its high price. However, you can try to make a built-in closet with your own hands. Thus, you will not only save, but also be able to make your furniture individual. So, let's see how to make a built-in wardrobe.

How to make a built-in wardrobe

  • Choose the optimal place. If your apartment has niches or storerooms, then we recommend placing cabinets in them.
  • Now proceed to the layout of the cabinet. First, decide what you are going to store in the closet. If you plan to store clothes that are easily wrinkled there, then it is advisable to make several compartments for hangers.
  • We proceed to the creation of a drawing. You need to carefully consider this work. From this will directly depend on the quality of the product.Apply dimensions strictly according to measurements, not forgetting to follow the rules of scaling. Do not make an approximate drawing. Better not be lazy, spend a little more time and make a detailed drawing. You can also use the ready-made option from the Internet. Do not forget to indicate on the drawing all the technical details, such as, for example, attachment points.

In the extreme case, if you see that you are not coping with a similar task, you can use the services of a specialist to create a cabinet project, and you can assemble the cabinet yourself. Of course, you have to pay for it, but you will be sure that all the structures are reliable and safe. If you want to clearly see how to make a built-in wardrobe, you can easily find a photo on the Internet.

Constructions and materials

For the manufacture of internal structures, you can use chipboard and plywood. Pre-calculate the total area of ​​the proposed parts and calculate the number of chipboard that you need. Also in the assembly process you will need screws with dowels.

We take the drawing, and strictly in accordance with it, we begin the assembly of parts.First we assemble the construction itself, which we then mount into the finished recess in the wall.

We mount the door

Mechanisms for sliding doors can be purchased at any hardware store. When choosing be sure to consider the parameters of the door. Most roller structures require a certain thickness of the door, on which it is planned to install the mechanism. The thickness of the door is often 23-25mm. Also remember that roller mechanisms are designed for different loads. Be sure to consider this factor before purchasing.

We install roller mechanisms along the edges of the doors, after which we install rails. For the next step, you will need an assistant who will hold the door leaf while you are busy mounting the rails to the cabinet walls. After installation, be sure to check the mechanism in operation.

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