How to make a hairpin?

The fashion for jewelry changes every season: today gold is in fashion, and tomorrow it is inlaid with rhinestones, and a month later jewelry with the simplest design comes into fashion. But still, there are decorations that are considered classics, they are popular regardless of fashion trends. One of these accessories is the hairpin in the form of a flower or a bow. You can buy fashionable jewelry or learn how to make a hairpin with your own hands, and create the jewelry yourself. After all, homemade thing will always be doubly appreciated. She also usually brings twice as much joy and pleasure.

Ribbon hairpin

If you like romantic decorations, create a ribbon masterpiece. To do this, you will need a tape, the width of which is approximately four centimeters, and a length of about one and a half to two meters (it will depend on the desired pomp of the hairpin). So, you need to cut the ribbon into an equal number of pieces. The length of one part of the blanks should be four centimeters, the second - three centimeters, the rest - a half to two centimeters.The two upper corners of each piece prepared must be rounded.

Then it is necessary to light a candle, and burn a ribbon over its fire. This is done so that it does not crumble. In some places, the cut must be made over the flame without touching it. If the flower petals are supposed to be curved, hold the material above the fire at a height of two to three centimeters.

Before you make a hairpin from the ribbons, you will need to buy a base for it. You can easily find the thing you need in the haberdashery department or in the store with goods for handicrafts. The part to which the flower will be attached, circle on the felt, cut the resulting shape. On it and should collect a flower. Start with the largest petals. Next, you need to sew them in a circle to the base, at the base, in the middle laying a small fold. Then follows a series of smaller parts that are superimposed on the first layer. When you make a flower out of ribbons, you will only have to place a large bead of the color you like in the core.


You can update the old hair clip with a polymer clay flower. Get the clay you like.You can also use the material of neutral shades - beige or white, then the future decoration can be decorated with acrylic. If you are interested in how to make a flower hairpin, then use the following instructions.

Take a piece of polymer clay and roll it into a ball with a diameter of about one centimeter. Mash the material, making it a thin layer. Give the piece an oval shape. If you intend to make a bud with irregular petals (carnation, peony, etc.), cut the edge from above with a special stack for clay or with an ordinary knife. In order to give the texture can be applied to the plastic flap of fabric or toothpick squeeze the veins.

You can collect the flower as well as the fabric, laying out the details in rows in a circle. You apply the finished product to your hairpin-clothespin and lightly press so that the base of the flower becomes the same shape as the surface of the hairpin. If you used self-hardening polymer clay, then it should be left for twenty-four hours to dry. Clay, which requires thermal processing, put in the oven for a certain time specified in the manual.

The finished flower can be painted with acrylic paints, and after drying it is covered with a layer of varnish. It is necessary to rub with fine sandpaper the junction of the barrette and the flower, then degrease the areas. Glue is applied to both parts, and the elements are joined. Now, knowing how to make a hairpin yourself, you can make jewelry for every taste.

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