How to make a Sberbank card: from A to Z

The topic of our conversation today is "How to get a Sberbank card, or all about bank cards." We will learn how to use plastic with you, get it, and also get to know some of the pitfalls that may come our way. Thus, it is necessary to quickly start studying the to get a savings bank card

Where to begin?

So, if you are thinking about how to get a Sberbank card, then you should know where to start. Quite often, this ignorance can confuse customers. In particular, the young. Those who have never dealt with "plastic". Thus, let us see how to begin the implementation of our current task.

The first thing that may be required from each is the availability of free time. Moreover, it is not 20-30 minutes. It is advisable to keep in stock a couple of hours. After all, no one is insured from the queues. If you have chosen the time of the campaign in the bank, you can omit this item.

The Sberbank card account will be linked to your mobile phone.So it is quite logical to assume that it is the number of the mobile phone that will serve you as another need. Without it, the deal will be several times more difficult, and many of the functions that are available to each client will be "out of reach."

In addition, you should grab a passport. Without it, you can not do anything in the bank. So, if you are thinking about how to get a Sberbank card, then prepare an identity card. After that you can proceed to the next rather important stage. About him now and will be discussed.Sberbank card account

Tariff selection

Now we are starting the most difficult process. Now we will discuss with you the choice of the tariff of your card. This question, at times, is capable of confusing any client. Fortunately, modern features and technologies allow users to familiarize themselves with all the options, as well as the conditions that are required to receive a card, right from home.

Thinking how to get a Sberbank card? Then, first, go to the official website of the bank, and then look at all the available rates there. If you plan to use your plastic only in Russia, then there is no difference between Visa and MasterCard. So, see the limits, conditions and payment for the service.After you stop at something specific, you can proceed to the next stage. By the way, the so-called Sberbank salary card can be issued in the bank. For her you do not need to do anything - everything is done with the help of the employer. However, sometimes clients prefer to leave the account number of an existing card to the “boss” - in this case, the salary will be credited there. But let's go back to our topic.

Made a deal ...

Well, let's now look at how to issue a Sberbank card, when the passport and mobile phone are ready, time is in stock, and billing is already selected. What is needed? It is enough just to come to a bank branch convenient for you (upon expiration of the service life you will have to change the "plastic" in the same place) and write an application for receiving a card. As a rule, this opportunity is provided to all residents of the Russian Federation who have reached the age of to replenish a savings bank card

Take a queue at the bank, and then prepare your passport. Tell the bank employee what card you would like to receive, and then give him an identity card. Now the application is filled by Sberbank employees - this greatly speeds up the process.

Give your mobile number, and then put signatures wherever you are asked. Next, you should come up with a PIN code and the so-called secret word. Neither the first "password", nor the second do not inform anyone. Only you should know them.

After this process, a bank employee can print out your account details for the account replenishment. But the plastic itself you get in your hands only after 2-3 weeks. When you take it away - you can rejoice. After all, now you know how to issue a Sberbank card without any problems. But the difficulties do not end there. Let's learn to use this thing.

We replenish the map

Well, the first problem that users may encounter is the question of replenishing your account on the card. The thing is that there is a huge number of possible ways. Let's see how to replenish the Sberbank card.

For example, you can use an ATM. True, this you can do only with the presence of "plastic" on your hands. Insert the card into the machine, enter the pin code, and then go to the "cash operations" section. Now select "recharge account" and deposit the bills. Click "Next" and collect the check. Nothing complicated.

In addition, you can take the bank details and make a deposit using the cashier. Not the fastest, but very sure way. True, it is often left in the shade. After all, there are a couple of quite interesting methods.

For example, you can replenish a bank card account using online wallets. Let's say through Webmoney. They will have to get a certificate not lower than the formal one, confirm their identity (send scans of a passport with registration), and then use the so-called “banking”. Fill in the details, enter the amount of deposit and wait.check the savings bank card

Checking the balance

Well, now let's see with you how to check a Sberbank card. It is about controlling the cash in the account. Each client receives a number of diverse opportunities that delight their convenience.

For example, you can receive automatic alerts at an expense / receipt of funds. The service is free and connects to all customers by default.

In addition, everyone has the opportunity to use the so-called "mobile bank", which serves to facilitate the work with the card. Send an SMS to number 900 with the text "balance" or "balance" and wait for an answer.

You can also see the remaining money on the card using the Internet. Sberbank Online will help you with this.Log in to the site, enter the security code, and then look at the account you need. Nothing complicated.


As you can see, the handling of "plastic", as well as the design of a bank card for a modern person, is quite ordinary and quite simple. Do not be afraid if you can not decide on the tariff or do not know how to handle this item. Bank employees, as a rule, tell everything before you leave the walls of the branch.salary card of Sberbank

Now you know how to issue a Sberbank card, replenish your account or check the remaining funds. The main thing - before confirming the operations carefully check the details.

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