How to make a screenshot of the screen?

Sometimes, for various reasons, we need to get an image of a certain web page or computer screen. This image is called a screenshot. Not everyone knows how to take a screenshot of the screen, so we offer you our tips on how to get the desired image depending on different operating systems.

How to make a screenshot of Windows screen

Screenshot in Windows 7

  1. Click: "Start", then - "All Programs", after that - "Standard" and select "Scissors".
  2. Using the “Scissors” function, select the necessary image fragment on the screen. What you choose will be circled in red.
  3. After that - “File” - “Save as ...” - and select the save location.

Or simply use the key on the keyboard "Print Screen SysRq". The method is described below.

Screenshot in Windows below 7

  1. In the upper right corner of the keyboard, find the Print Screen SysRq button and click on it once. You will not notice any changes, however, in this way, you will photograph the entire computer screen. The image will be saved in the clipboard.
  2. Next, open the program "Paint" or "Photoshop." In the "Photoshop", open the tab "New", in the "Paint" do not need to open anything.
  3. Press Ctrl + V at the same time or add an image to the program through the "Insert".
  4. The image will appear in a clean program window. You can somehow change it at your discretion and save it where you need through the "File" - "Save As ...".

And how to take a screenshot of the computer screen, if you have a different OS, not Windows? Let's talk about it in order.

How to make a screenshot of the Android screen

If you have root rights, you can easily use the program Screenshot, which is able to create screenshots on the device itself, or the program DroCap2 for root. It is capable of making certain screenshots on a timer.

If you have Android Honeycomb 3.2 and newer than this version, then you can create screenshots with a long press on the "Recent Programs" button. In Android 4.0, you can create screenshots by simultaneously pressing the power button and volume down.

  • For Samsung Galaxy, you need to simultaneously press the “Menu”, “Back” and “Home” buttons to take a screenshot and save it on the memory card in the ScreenCapture folder. In the same way, you can take screenshots on HTC Sensation and LG P990 or P970 phones.
  • On HTC Desire S, pressing the “Power On” button and the “Home” button allows you to make and save a screenshot in a folder with photos.
  • You can create a screenshot on your Sony-Ericsson Xperia Arc device by holding the power button for 2 seconds. After that, the "Take Screenshot" item will appear in the "Menu".

If you failed to take a screenshot, you can try to go to Google Play and select an application that will help to make a screenshot of the screen. But almost every application will require root-rights. The following applications will help you:

  • Screenshot It (may require root-rights, may not require; for Android - a paid application);
  • Screenshot UX (paid for Android);
  • Screenshot ER PRO (paid for Android).

However, the cost of these applications is not so high, each is worth a little more than 100 rubles.

You can take a screenshot of the screen using a PC. For this you need:

  • Android mobile device;
  • WI-FI access to your home network or USB cable;
  • Personal Computer;
  • MyPhoneExplorer or Android Development Software;
  • USB (ADB) driver for the mobile device.

The advantage of this method is that it does not require root-rights.

  1. Download and install the program MyPhoneExplorer.
  2. Next, turn on the USB debugging mode on your phone. To do this, click "Settings" - then "Applications", then "Development" - and finally, "Debugging via USB".
  3. Then connect the phone to the computer using USB.
  4. Launch MyPhoneExplorer, click “File - Connect”, select in the window “Phone with Google Android Android” and click OK.
  5. If you did the whole operation correctly, then in the “Miscellaneous” menu should appear the line “Load image from the screen”.
  6. To take a picture, select on the phone the screen you want to save, click on the PC “Update”. As soon as the update happens, select “Save As ...” and specify the save path.

You can make and save a screenshot of the screen according to a similar principle using the Android Development Software. How to do this in more detail, you can easily learn from the sources of the Internet.

How to make a screenshot of the screen Mac OS X

To do this, you can use two simple ways.

To take a snapshot of the entire screen, you must simultaneously press shift + command + 3; To take a picture of a specific area, press shift + command + 4. The image will be saved in pgn format on the desktop.

To make a picture in the clipboard, and then paste it to a specific place, you can do the following:

  1. Press shift + command + control +3 to photograph the entire screen;
  2. Press shift + command + control + 4 for a screenshot of the screen;
  3. After that, in any graphics editor or in Word or Pages programs, press command + v. So you paste the image from the clipboard. The same can be done from the “Menu” by clicking “edit - paste”.

But if you are used to using the mouse more, use the utility Mac OS X - Grab. It is easy to use and has 4 shooting modes. After the image is done, it will appear in a certain window, and you can save the photo in the right place.

How to take a screenshot of Linux screen

This will help you a few programs.

In the program "GIMP" use the window capture function. Click "File" - then "Capture" - and "Screenshot". You can immediately correct the image.

The program “Shutter” will help not only to make a screenshot, but also to apply various effects to photos.

The Ksnapshot program takes screenshots from KDE in its entirety and in parts.

The Gnome-screeshot program is available by default in the GNOME environment.

The program "XFCe-screenshooter" will help to remove the entire screen, its part or area. Also with it you can set the time delay.

You can take a screenshot in Linux using a large number of programs. It will take a lot of time to list the merits of each. In addition to the above, we indicate some more: “ImageMagic”, “Wink”, utility “Scrot”.

Ways really a lot. Choose the most suitable for you and learn in more detail how to take a screenshot of the screen.We hope that our recommendations will help you!

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